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Espresso News: Casual Coffee Shop That Locals Love
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4.5 / 5
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If you are looking for the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee while in the Boone, NC area, head downtown and grab a cup at Espresso News located on Howard Street. Coffee beans are roasted in small batches, fresh daily in this casual, family-friendly coffee shop. In addition to spectacular coffee, they are famous for their lattes, espresso bars, smoothies, hot cocoa beverages, pastries, and limited lunch menu.

- The Local Expert Team

It’s all about the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee at Espresso News, nestled right in the heart of downtown on Howard Street, in Boone, North Carolina. This busy area is popular for the amazing array of restaurants, eateries, bakeries, specialty shops, and nearby college towns, but reviews are in and are unanimous. Espresso News is the number one coffee shop, and the it place to get the best cup of Joe in Boone. The bottom line is the owners simply love everything about coffee and want you to appreciate it, too. They consider roasting beans a combination of art and science and it is apparent. Their ongoing mission is to, “artfully maintain the true flavors and aromas in coffee by using all the senses and always paying close attention to the details resulting in an optimum roast profile for each coffee varietal they offer.”

Fresh for sure as they roast all their coffee beans right in-house on the spot. The fragrance and aromas in this local hangout are breathtaking. You can see and smell when you visit that it’s all about the java bean here. The old historic building location features an ultra-casual industrial vibe. Vintage coffee memorabilia and throwback seating areas create a nostalgic vibe with a modern charm. Come as you are, there is no judgment or dress code at Espresso News. Students, families, regulars, and visitors with one thing in common convene here for their favorite coffee. You are invited to grab a cup and go on your way, or stick around, relax, and take in the view. There is plenty of seating on two levels. Upstairs, doubles as a small bookstore and is much quieter than the busy lower level and perfect for conversation and hanging out while enjoying the beautiful view of Boone.

This long-standing local favorite features fair trade coffee beans that are roasted onsite each and every day in small batches. As you can imagine the coffee tastes outstanding. In addition to basic coffee, they are famous for their lattes, espresso bars, smoothies, and hot cocoa beverages. You’ll love the creative, hip smoothie names. Hulk, Monkey Junky, Moody, and the Chai Nana are a few that tickled our funny bones. They are blended with the freshest ingredients like bananas, strawberries, peaches, citrus, and spirulina. The Monkey Junky was tasty and uplifting thanks to the bananas, chocolate, milk, and the best ingredient of all, espresso! Another mood lifter is the Moody, loaded with bananas, blueberries, raspberries, spirulina, milk, and a touch of protein, good old-fashioned peanut butter. Check out the small selection of delicious house-made pastries, and muffins to go along with your brew.

Espresso News sells their most popular beans to go, so you can enjoy your favorites back at home. They will also conveniently ship orders right to your door. An added bonus, get one free funky Espresso News logo sticker with every order.

Selections include:

Espresso Blend
A complex and well-rounded blend. Syrupy and sweet with notes of caramel overlapped by dark chocolate, and an aroma that suggests ripe berries and exotic spices.

Sumatra Aceh Ketiara- Fair Trade Organic
A heavy-bodied earthy coffee with notes of bakers chocolate, black licorice, and cedar. Displays a toned-down acidity and rich funkiness.

Mexico Chiapas
Fair Trade Organic: One of the most popular coffees! Notes of tangerine, brown sugar, and milk chocolate.

Brazil Cerrado
A mild, smooth and sweet varietal with hints of fresh walnut and cocoa.

Columbia Sierra Nevada Finca Buena Vista
Fair Trade Organic RFA: Notes brown sugar, honey, and tangerine.

Mountain water process decaf. Notes of milk chocolate, lemon, and brown sugar.

Enjoy the best coffee experience in Boone.

Insider Tip:
Parking is limited. Wheelchair-accessible, vegan-friendly options are available. Alcohol is also served here.