The Beacon Butcher Bar

The Beacon Butcher Bar – Serving Scratch-Made Deliciousness Right Off Highway 105 in Boone
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Whenever you want a scrumptious meal made with care, jet on over to The Beacon Butcher Bar. From the aioli and pickles to smoked meats and dessert, every last item gets scratch-made in-house on the daily. Beyond that, a great atmosphere, friendly service, and live music complete the picture of perfection.

- The Local Expert Team

If you love the whole farm-to-table experience, you’ll want to give The Beacon Butcher Bar a try, for sure. Set right near the Water Wheel on Highway 105, this eatery proudly rolls out the scratch-made fare for your pure enjoyment. They’re only open for dinner service, however, so you need to plan accordingly in order to get a taste. Since they’re a definite Boone staple, reservations are a must if you want to eliminate the risk of missing out.

Although they got their start just recently in 2019, this eatery has already earned a loyal following, and for good reason. Their talented chefs handcraft all their menu items with care, down to their dressings and aioli. They make their own naturally-fermented pickles, plus cure and smoke all their meats. Their chefs even regularly whip up tasty pastries and other handmade desserts all their own.

They don’t just use time-honored recipes to make every last item by hand. They also use only the freshest, local ingredients in every last dish. In their mission to avoid processed and industrial-grown foods, they look to local farms, ranches, and fishermen for their ingredients. They do go all out for imported cheeses, however, but only after carefully selecting the most reputable suppliers.

Their intentionally caring approach doesn’t come out of nowhere either. The owner of Reid’s Café & Catering Co., Tina Houston, created this eatery out of a desire to bring even more tasty goodness to the High Country community. So, after spending each day catering, she uses her evening hours to serve up some of the finest foods and drinks around.

Come by to try their:

Daniel’s Downfall
A true sight to behold, Daniel’s Downfall pairs rich berry flavors with a kick of gin. To create this cocktail, the bartender shakes gin with blackberry syrup before hitting it with Giffard Abricot du Roussillon. Then, lime and mint join the party at the end to brighten up the berry flavors beautifully.

Cast Iron Cornbread
If you love to start your meal off with a breadbasket, choose the Cast Iron Cornbread as your starter. This dish starts with their housemade corn bread batter poured into a piping hot cast iron pan. As the pan slides into the oven, its hot surface creates a wonderful crust that pairs well with the cornbread’s tender middle. Once it’s ready, compound butter lands on top to take the flavors to the next level.

Butcher Bar
A definite fan favorite, the Butcher Bar allows you to savor your house-smoked meats of choice on every visit. Their smoked meats include ½ Smoked Chicken, New Zealand Lamb Rack, Beef Tenderloin, and Ribeye. With that, you get chimichurri, summer green beans, and smoked buttermilk blue dressing. Their decadent cast iron cornbread and compound butter come alongside as well.

On every third Sunday of the month, they bring in local musicians to play live for the crowds. So, plan to come by between 4 pm and 7 pm to enjoy great food while listening to the jams. They do have a small cover charge for all adult attendees, but kids under age 16 can get in for free. All their tickets are sold at the door, so you don’t need to make prior reservations.

Since they aim to use fresh, local ingredients, their menu changes with the seasons. So, always arrive with an open mind to ensure you’re satisfied with your dining experience.

Insider Tips:
-When dining with six or more, expect to see a 20% gratuity automatically added to the menu. They’re also happy to split checks, but when you’re dining in a large group, they will split the bill evenly.
-Although they prefer you don’t make substitutions, they’ll usually accommodate your request for an extra charge. Getting the pizza? They have gluten-free crust available for an extra charge.
-Want all the cocktail flavor but without the alcohol? Ask for their zero-proof option.