Come Back Shack

Come Back Shack -- Drive-Thru Burger Joint Serving Local Beef
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Come Back Shack is a local drive-through burger joint that boasts burgers made from local beef and poultry and at prices comparative, in some cases even lower, than national fast food chains. Go here for a delicious cheeseburger that you can feel good about eating; but consider washing it down with one of their milkshakes!

- The Local Expert Team

When you are in the mood for a cheeseburger and fries, you have a lot of options in the United States. You can choose a sit-down diner for something thick, expensive, and maybe locally sourced; or you can go for something fast and cheap from a national chain. But what if you wanted a mix of these things? Enter Boone’s Come Back Shack.

Come Back Shack is a counter-serve and drive-thru restaurant that has become so popular that it has several locations throughout North Carolina. But this quick overview is about the original location in Boone, NC. This OG location is located along Blowing Rock Road as you take it south out of town.

Come Back Shack first opened its doors in 2011 with the goal of creating a delicious burger joint that features delicious burgers sourced from the highest quality of USDA beef, local where possible, at a great value. This location only uses hand patty fresh, never frozen ground chuck which results in a juicier patty. Every day, Come Back Shack also brings in fresh local ground beef from North Carolina’s own North Fork Farm for use in many of their specialty meals. Finally, it’s not just beef that is served fresh and local. These dining establishment aloes uses cage-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free chicken for use in sandwiches and their fried tenderloin entree.

Fresh, local, all-natural food is certainly a big part of what has made Come Back Shack so popular in Boone. In addition to their delicious meat items, the group also makes milkshakes with real milk-made ice cream and tops it with real whipped cream.

Another very attractive attribute of Come Back Shack is its comfortable dining room and cozy outdoor patio. While yes, you can certainly speed on through their drive-through and enjoy their food on the go or at your vacation destination, you might also choose to stay and relax as you chomp down. The interior boasts a country rustic appeal while the outside patio consists of umbrellaed wicker table sets. Order at the counter, pick a spot, and your order will quickly get brought out to you.

Not sure what to order at Come Back Shack? Consider these local favorites: 

Buffalo Style Fry
This is a large and savory appetizer or side item that features all-natural Idaho potatoes hand-cut and fried in 100% canola oil (this canola oil is important to note as there are no peanuts or peanut oil on-site, making the restaurant a good choice for those with any level of peanut allergy). Those crispy French fries then get served with a topping of creamy cheddar-cheese sauce (real cheddar cheese of course), ranch, and Frank’s Hot Sauce.

The Local Burger
This thick meal comes with two patties adding up to a full 1/3 pound of local grass-fed beef. The Local Burger comes standard with lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, ketchup, and mustard (or any combination of that). Best of all, at a price point of $7.45, you can get a delicious burger that is bigger and better for the environment and animal welfare at a lower or comparable price as any featured burger in any national fast food chain. You can opt to make it a combo for a small surcharge.

Fried Green Tomato Burger
Boone might be in North Carolina, but it still has plenty of southern roots, especially in the culinary department. Enjoy this sweet southern take on a cheeseburger with its toppings of fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese, lettuce, and the very special — and very popular — Come Back Sauce.

Insider Tip:
During the fall months, Come Back Shack has this pumpkin pie milkshake that is truly something else. Quite a few patrons look forward to this seasonal item every year and if you even like pumpkin pie a little bit, this milkshake is not to be missed.