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Silver Fork Winery

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Silver Fork Winery: Beautiful Surroundings and Delicious Wine
Written by: Vicky Reddish
Staff Score:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

You will find a knowledgeable staff, gorgeous views, and tasty food at Silver Fork Winery in Morganton. While the wine selection is limited compared to larger wineries, you are likely to find something new to take home.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If your group makes it a habit to visit a winery (or three) when you travel, you will certainly want to add Silver Fork Winery to your list. Just under an hour outside of Asheville, this is certainly a short drive worth taking.

The entire layout of the winery is simply charming. The main building is small, but cute. The tiny food camper outside is perfectly suited to the scenic views from the patio, and the vineyard in the distance looks like something out of a romantic comedy. We always appreciate when winery staff knows what they’re talking about, and the staff at Silver Fork know their stuff. They are able to answer questions and to make suggestions based upon your queries.

The regularly offer live music both indoors and near the outdoor seating area.

There are times when Silver Fork can get quite busy so you may find yourself waiting a bit on busy days. Fortunately, folks who visit wineries tend to be in a pretty good mood, so we noticed that even when there was a wait people were having a great time.

There is not a huge selection of wines, but the ones they have are really nice.

Here are those we found most memorable:

Like naming a new son “Boy” or new daughter “Girl,” the Merlot has only its descriptive name. That said, this is the kind of wine we can imagine pairing with our favorite cheese and enjoying before and throughout dinner. Aged in oak, it is rich with the aroma of fruit and finishes smoothly enough to make it a favorite. It would be fantastic paired with almost any meat.

Nonsense Red Blend
What do you get when you blend Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot? Delicious. In spite of a blend that sounds a little overwhelming, there is enough sweetness to balance the explosion of fruit.

Chardonnay Reserve
Those of us who liked this wine really, really liked it. According to staff, the Silver Fork’s Chardonnay grapes are grown at 1,200-feet elevation. The North Carolina soil and climate create the perfect atmosphere for the grapes to thrive. After being barrel-aged in French Oak, the Chardonnay Reserve offers soft notes of vanilla and just the right touch of sweetness. While it pairs well with a number of dishes, it’s a wine we can imagine sipping at the end of the long day.

Just outside the main building is Stock Wild Kitchen. If your wine tasting has made you hungry, we must recommend the Field Plate and the Veggie Quesadilla. The Field Plate comes with hummus, pickled veggies, cheeses, and fruit preserves. The Quesadilla is a delicious combo of veggies, black beans, and cheese. Simply perfect on a beautiful day.

Insider Tips:
– Wear comfortable shoes. You may want to take a stroll along the stunning grounds.
– Call before you go. We’ve heard stories of the winery closing an hour or more before it’s scheduled time. It is probably rare, but call ahead just to make sure they’re open.