Antidote - Craft Cocktails in a Turn-of-the-Century Setting
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4.5 / 5
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Antidote mixes craft cocktails in a turn-of-the-century setting. The drinks-only bar is adorned with early-1900s fixtures and decor, with the USB ports and outlets likely being the only items your great grandparents wouldn’t recognize. For eclectic drinks from a bygone era, let Antidote take you back in time.

- The Local Expert Team

Antidote will take you back in time to an era when things were simpler. The drinks-only bar specializes in pre-prohibition drinks in a turn-of-the-century setting.

The drinks at Antidote range from the classic to the newly fangled, but even experienced cocktail drinks will be impressed with the selection and creativity. Try a Tom Collins or Gimlet for something like your great-grandparents might have drank, or go with a more recently invented Net-Fix and Chill. There are also beer and wine selections if you prefer.

The food options here are non-existent, which classifies Antidote as a “private club” under North Carolina law. As is true with many similar bars in the state, you’ll have to sign up for a membership and must be at least 21 years old. Becoming a “member” involves nothing more than paying a one-cent fee and providing some basic information, though.

As for atmosphere, this is where Antidote really stands out. There are some strategically placed modern conveniences, such as USB ports and outlets at every table. Aside from these, however, everything looks like it’s straight from the early 1900s. The railings, lights, furniture and decor make this an especially romantic place.

Perhaps the only thing more plentiful than the drink options are the seating options, as there are four levels to choose from. Take a seat on the first level for table service, or get a drink at the bar and wander up the higher two levels. On a nice day or evening, visit the rooftop deck that has a fireplace and its own bar.

Come here for an intimate gathering with friends or a romantic evening with someone special. You’ll be transported to another time, and the drinks will be perfect for the evening.

A few of our menu favorites at Antidote include:

Bartender’s Creation
The bartenders here are masters of their craft, and granting them freedom to create a drink lets them showcase their abilities. Simply let them know what you like, and they’ll mix up something unique for you.

American Gin & Tonic
The gin and tonic is simple and established, and you’ll never go wrong ordering one on a hot day. Go with the American Gin & Tonic, and you’ll get to enjoy this classic made with gin from the distillery next door and house winter tonic water.

Another pre-prohibition staple, the Gimlet consists of gin, lime and demerara syrup. This version is made with the Chemist gin from next door, too.

Punch Du Jour
A different punch every day. Find out what the current Punch Du Jour is, or just go ahead an order it blind. Either way, it’s going to be good.

Sherry Flight
While the wine and beer selections are outshined by the cocktail offerings for the most part, the Sherry Flight is a lone exception. Try three pours of various sherries, and let your server or bartender guide you through the different ones.

Insider Tip:
Time your visit for sunset on a clear day and head to the rooftop deck with drink-in-hand. You’ll have an unobstructed view of the changing colors as the sun goes down.