Odd’s Cafe

Odd’s Cafe - Local Coffee and Baked Goods
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Odd’s Cafe has a distinctly local focus, and nearly all of their menu items come from companies in the Carolinas. The highlight is the coffee from Summit Coffee Co, but there’s also an assortment of baked goods from suppliers throughout the area.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Odd’s Cafe is exactly what you’d want in a neighborhood cafe. The drinks are good and the pastries are fresh, and the coffee shop is committed to working with local suppliers.

The coffee here comes from North Carolina’s own Summit Coffee Co, and it’s perfectly brewed into a variety of beverages. Whether getting a regular drip coffee with room or a fancy-schmancy espresso creation, the beans are roasted fresh and full of flavor. Of course, you can also get almost any coffee beverage iced (for a 25-cent additional fee) and there are teas if you’re not a coffee drinker.

The pastries come from a variety of local bakers, and Odd’s Cafe continues to seek out new bakeries in the area to work with. Everything is fresh and delicious, though, and you’ll find several vegan options that taste just as good as their non-vegan counterparts.

As you sip your beverage, take a walk around to admire the artwork. It changes monthly, but there’s usually something up on the walls from a local artist. If you really like a work you see, ask the manager on duty how to contact the artist about purchasing it. Many will sell their work to interested patrons.

This is a fairly typical neighborhood coffee shop, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes good coffee, fresh pastries and eclectic artwork all from local community members are all you need for a cafe. This magical trio makes Odd’s Cafe a great place to stop for a quick breakfast, midday pick-me-up or relaxing night out.

A few of our menu favorites at Odd’s Cafe include:

Drip Coffee
The simple things really can be good. With high-end coffee that’s been recently roasted, even a cup of regular Drip Coffee is absolutely delicious. Try it without cream first so you can fully appreciate the beans’ flavors.

Blackberry Sweet Tea
A fruity variation of the Southern favorite, Blackberry Sweet Tea is sublimely refreshing. Get it on a hot afternoon, or start your morning off with it if you prefer to avoid coffee.

Aztec Mocha
The Aztecs were onto something when they combined chocolate and spice. Adding coffee and steamed milk brings it to perfection.

New York Bagel
One of the few items that aren’t local, the New York Bagel is worth importing. It’s been a staple in the metropolis for well over a century, and you’ll understand why as soon as you take a bite.

Hummus Plate
Locally produced organic hummus and toasted naan bread. A perfect combination, and one that’ll keep you filled a little while.

Insider Tip:
The only available parking is street parking, and spots can fill up during busy times. Try to visit outside of peak hours or be prepared to walk a little ways after you find a spot. If you’re coming with the family, drop one parent off with the kids and then go find a place to park. This way, at least the kids won’t have to walk.