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Seven Sisters Gallery

Seven Sisters Gallery – Popular and Well-Established Arts & Crafts Store in Downtown Black Mountain
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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Seven Sisters Gallery is a verifiable arts and crafts institution not just in Black Mountain, but in the greater Asheville area. Having been in business for over 40 years, this is your go-to location when you want to see and purchase local art as well as premier arts and crafts from well-known creatives around the country.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Seven Sisters Gallery is a remarkable art and crafts gallery that has really stood the test of time, offering a superb collection of handmade products for customers to admire and take home. Here is where you want to go to learn more about the area and the artisans who call it home.

You will find Seven Sisters Gallery located within the bustling shopping district at the heart of Black Mountain. This locally-owned and operated business sits within an expansive brick building nestled between a German restaurant and a Nails & Spa business. There is some on-street parking here, but we recommend parking in the large parking lot just to the right of the German restaurant as the road here can get quite busy. This is especially true during peak tourist seasons of late spring through fall.

Black Mountain, a town named after the nearby mountain range, has long been a haven for creative types. A big part of why is because back in 1933, a private liberal arts college called Black Mountain College was founded that really prioritized visual arts, poetry, music, and other creative pursuits. That college would sadly close in the 1960s, but while opened, it fostered a community that loved the arts. When Seven Sisters Gallery first opened in 1981, they did so in a community renowned for creating artistic works and unique crafts products.

Yes, Seven Sisters Gallery has been in business since 1981 — that’s over 40 years in the community and certainly a testament to how well they represent the Black Mountain’s arts and crafts community. Inside their 3,000-square-foot interior, you will find over 250 artists represented.

So, let’s take a look inside! The entire front of the Seven Sisters Craft Gallery features massive windows ensuring that the interior is bright and open with plenty of natural light flowing in. From the outside windows, the displays can seem a touch chaotic, but that is just the window selection. Stepping inside here feels like stepping within a true gallery and not an oversized vintage collection.

Seven Sisters Gallery boasts gorgeous wooden flooring that is contrasted with soft white-painted walls and ceilings. Artwork, crafts, and furnishings are nicely spaced so that guests of the store can easily browse each piece without feeling overwhelmed by the selection. Overhead lights nicely direct soft lights in select gallery areas.

One of the big reasons why Seven Sisters Gallery is so nicely set up and so wonderfully accentuates the artists and their work is undoubtedly due to the owner being an artist herself. Founder and owner Andrea McNair was an art major graduate and does her own pottery work that can likewise be seen on display. Ceramics and pottery work are, in fact, very popular items here, as well as paintings, jewelry, and small furnishings like handmade tables with glass and stone inserts. They also have a nice selection of crafts Mars that includes handmade bags and similar items.

While local artisans like the owner are certainly highlighted here, you will also see products from renowned artisans and craftisans from all over this country. Keep that name in mind as you go as this is more of a gallery location from which you can buy fine pieces and not a simple gift store.

Insider Tips:
-Allergic to cats? Careful, there is a resident cat at Seven Sisters Gallery. While they do take cleanliness to a very high level, those who are exceptionally sensitive to cat dander should proceed with caution (or an antihistamine).
-As you might expect from a business with such a legacy within the local arts and crafts community, Seven Sisters Gallery does a lot to support local activities and events around town. Thus, this is a great place to go when you first get into town to learn more about smaller artistic events, showings, and activities that might not otherwise be readily seen or findable online.