Zambra: Tapas, From Farm to Tables
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4 / 5
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A beloved tapas restaurant, Zambra serves locally sourced, Iberian-inspired dishes accompanied by a vast wine selection. Ambience plays a huge role in the experience, with visitors enjoying an intimate, romantic atmosphere.

- The Local Expert Team

Delightful tapas and a calming ambiance join to form the perfect tapas experience in the heart of Asheville. An ideal setting for date night, Zambra offers a nice introduction for anybody new to the tapas experience, or a refresher for those who miss the ambiance of authentic Spanish tapas restaurants.

Although officially referred to as a tapas restaurant, Zambra serves a variety of dinner entrees that are sized in accordance with what you might expect from a traditional dinner order. You will certainly appreciate these sizable dishes if you decry the tiny portions (and ensuing large bill) that dominate many tapas establishments.

The vegetarian and pescatarian establishment offers a variety of options to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions. Similarly, if you typically avoid gluten or dairy, you can easily find selections that you actually enjoy.

Tapas dishes are always better when served with carefully selected wine of the highest quality. Zambra certainly delivers on the wine front, providing a vast selection bound to please even self-avowed snobs. Wine by the glass changes every week, so prepare to encounter something new every time you visit. Zambra also offers several favorite beers and ciders at affordable price points.

Consider treating yourself to a cocktail; the drink menu at Zambra includes such favorites as the Zambarita (a chipotle blackberry margaritatini with fresh lime) and the Pomegranate Cosmo (with pomegranate vodka, fresh lime, white cranberry juice, and house-made pomegranate grenadine).

A few of our menu favorites include the following:

Pomegranata Braised Pork Spring Rolls
Pomegranate is a favorite ingredient at Zambra, and when you test these spring rolls, you’ll see why. The rolls come with an addicting mango dipping sauce.

Chicken Mole Chimichanga
Featuring chicken sourced from the acclaimed Springer Mountain Farms, this satisfying chimichanga comes with pea tendrils and cashew pesto. It’s not quite like any chimichanga you’ve ever eaten, but once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to return to the ordinary.

Spanish Style Omelet
Breakfast lovers rejoice! Zambra serves an amazing omelet every evening for dinner. The omelet features potatoes, onion, and spinach. It’s a nice option if you tend towards picky eating — especially if you’re typically skeptical of the ingredients included in tapas recipes.

Char-Grilled Octopus
Feeling adventurous? Be sure to give Zambra’s delectable octopus a try. This char-grilled recipe is served alongside arugula and blackberries. A twelve-year balsamic vinegar completes the meal.

If you find the ambiance just as important as the culinary quality, you’ll definitely appreciate the intimate feel that Zambra fosters. The restaurant has a rustic vibe, featuring unique Moorish decor. Every detail — even the lighting — has been attended to in the hopes of promoting a dreamy date night atmosphere.

Insider Tips:
As with many tapas restaurants, Zambra’s menu changes regularly. Don’t count on a favorite dish to still be on the menu the next time you visit. Keep up to date with rotating specials and other changes by checking Zambra’s regularly updated Facebook page.