Mehfil – Enjoy the Finest Indian Cuisine in a Cozy Asheville Setting
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5.0 / 5
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At Mehfil, they proudly roll out buffet-style and ala carte dining seven days a week. So, whenever you’re craving samosas, tandoori delights, and everything in between, you can count on this cozy eatery to come through in a big way. Check their schedule before coming by to get the perfect dining experience every time.  

- The Local Expert Team

Tikka masala, samosas, and more all await the chance to delight your tastebuds at Mehfil. Open seven days a week, this Asheville eatery goes all out in offering both buffet-style and ala carte dishes. The dining experience changes throughout the day, but as long as you time your visit right, you’ll always get just what you’re craving.

As soon as Mehfil opens its doors each day, its loyal patrons start coming in, ready to savor authentic Indian cuisine. So, unless you’re okay waiting for a table, be sure to make reservations through their website before coming by. Either way, you’ll want to take a moment to soak in the absolute beauty of their décor as soon as you step inside.

Every color imaginable fills out the space, treating your eyes to a dazzling display in every direction. To start, jewel tones highlight the walls to set the stage for a memorable meal. On top of that, colorful umbrellas, tapestries, and neon lights hang overhead to complete the picture of perfection. You won’t want to look away from all the décor, but their menu beckons with its own impressive display.

On their menu, they have all the finest Indian dishes available for your consideration. Many of their items are vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free, and even 100% vegan. Mehfil has everything labeled for your convenience, including items that contain nuts. If you arrive during their buffet hours, scope out the menu beforehand to see what works for your dietary needs. You’re welcome to ask their staff, too, if you have any questions about what’s in each dish.

You won’t want to miss their:

Veg Samosa
The Veg Samosas at Mehfil are so good that you’ll want to stop by for a samosa snack in between all your Asheville adventures. These delicious treats feature a spicy mix of potatoes and peas wrapped in an Indian pastry dough. Then, the chef fries them up until golden and crispy before serving each plate with several sauces for dipping.

Mango Shrimp Tandoori
Always gluten-free, the Mango Shrimp Tandoori promises to tantalize your tastebuds from the first bite through to the very last. This dish starts with shrimp marinated in a rich mango yogurt sauce. After that, they add a delicious blend of spices, let it cook in the tandoor, and then plate it up. Once that’s done, each dish comes with rice and mint chutney that takes the flavors to the next level with every dip.

Navratan Korma
When you want to skip the meat, the Navratan Korma promises to fill you up without compromising on flavor. To create this dish, the chef sautés a variety of veggies until perfectly cooked through. After that, the veggies go in an endlessly delicious saffron and cashew sauce. Rice comes alongside to create a complete meal.

No matter what you order, take a moment to admire their impressive selection of naan varieties. Bullet Naan is a fan favorite, of course, with its blend of garlic, cilantro, and spicy green chiles over top. Want to skip the chiles? That’s okay, too. Just go with the Garlic Naan. You can also get your naan plain, sweet, or seasoned with rosemary. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can savor the Keema Naan, which comes stuffed with smoked and minced lamb.

Insider Tips:
-The assortment of dishes served at the buffet changes every time. You will typically find four vegetarian-friendly dishes, four meat-based items, and a few gluten-free selections.
-Mehfil dishes come out in big portions, so consider ordering for the table and sharing with friends to get a taste of all the best flavors served at this restaurant.
-The eatery has a party-like atmosphere more often than not. Be prepared for your dining experience to be loud and upbeat, especially when it’s buffet time.
-Want to truly impress your guests at your next party? Fill out the form on their website to inquire about their catering services.