Zillicoah Beer Co.

Zillicoah Beer Company - Good Brews in a Relaxed Atmosphere
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4 / 5
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Zillicoah Beer Company serves up a variety of house-brewed beers in a relaxing atmosphere. A taco truck is always on premises, while other merchants and eateries visit on a rotating basis. Bring a date or the whole family (including Fido), for this is a place where all are welcome to hang out.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Zillicoah Beer Company serves a variety of beers in a relaxed atmosphere where all are welcome. While the company itself only offers beer, there’s always at least one food truck (and sometimes more) on site to take care of any hunger pangs you get.

The beer selection here is broad and has something to appease every taste, even though Zillicoah Beer Company’s specialty is open-fermented farmhouse ales and lagers. Their first couple of batches were light, fruity saisons, but there are also full-bodied porters and stouts on the menu. Exactly what’s available can change with the season and brewing schedule, but you’ll always find something on the menu that suits your preferences.

The brewery doesn’t offer any food menu, but you don’t have to go hungry. There’s always a taco truck out back that serves up some of the most popular Mexican food in town, and sometimes others also set up on the premises. Depending on when you visit, you might be able to get barbecue, hear live music or even do some grocery shopping at the pop-up farmers market.

All of this is set in a laid-back space in the Industrial Arts District. There’s plenty of space on the 4-acre property, and the land abuts the French Broad River for which Zillicoah is named.

Importantly, Zillicoah isn’t a harbor for only hard-core beer enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome here. You’ll see couples on dates in the evening and families with children hanging out earlier in the day. Even Fido can come, as dogs are welcome outside.

For a local craft brew on a pleasant day, you can’t get much better than Zillicoah Beer Company. Grab a pint and take a seat on one of the picnic-style benches, and let the worries of the world slowly drift away.

A few of our menu favorites at Zillicoah Beer Company include:

Bartender’s Recommendation
If you don’t know what beer to try, just ask. The bartenders are patient and will gladly guide you through the currently available options, and who better to make a recommendation that the people who are serving these beers all day?

Farmhouse Ale
A farmhouse ale is a lighter beer that’s perfect for hot days (of which there are plenty in North Carolina). Open fermentation is the classic way to brew these beers, as they leave the fermenting mixture exposed to the environment as it would have been in a farmhouse. Try one, and you’ll agree the farmers were onto something.

Lagers are fermented differently from ales, and the fermentation results in a decidedly different drink. Get a lager after trying one of the farmhouse ales, and notice how this is less fruity but still very crisp. It’s a great refresher on a muggy day.

An unassuming white taco truck parked behind an industrial building probably isn’t the first place you’d go for a meal. When a truck in this location does enough business to stay open, though, it’s doing something right. What this taco truck is doing right is making darn good tacos. Try whichever ones appeal to you, and see why this is an essential complement to your beer.

Insider Tip:
Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chair for yourself. While there are plenty of picnic tables, there’s also a vast open space. Having your own seating will let you get away from everyone and hang out with whomever you bring along. (It also gives kids extra room to run around if there are children in your party.)