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Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery

Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery: A Beacon of Light in Asheville
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Natural beauty abounds at Asheville's Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery, which boasts a vast collection of stunning gems and minerals. This is not your ordinary rock shop; it's a museum-worthy collection that allows you to bring the beauty and healing power of gems into your daily life.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you’ve always appreciated the intricate beauty of gemstones and other geologic wonders, you will quickly fall in love with the collection on display at Asheville’s Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery. The passion project of founder Connie Olson, this store began with Olson’s move to Asheville and her worldwide expedition, in which she acquired a breathtaking array of rocks. After several years of finding the world’s most beautiful rocks, she and her husband worked together to form a store that they hoped would serve as a “beacon of light” for the Asheville community. One step inside today’s store is all it takes to realize that this ambitious vision has come true.

None of the gems featured in the Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery found their way there by chance. All are lovingly picked by hand in recognition of their unique characteristics and innate beauty. When you visit, set aside plenty of time to browse these gorgeous gems, each of which is fascinating in its own way.

Quartz and amethyst from all around the world form the basis of this shop and are among its most sought-after items. These are just the beginning, however. A variety of crystal singing bowls can be found inside the store, as can quartz healing crystals. Gems and crystals can be found in every color and every size imaginable. Several rare finds rarely seen elsewhere in Asheville are also on display, including anthracite. From museum pieces that weigh well over a ton to tiny tumbled gems, the sheer variety of the treasures found in this store are bound to keep you enthralled for the entirety of your visit. While prices on the store’s most impressive items tend to be high, lower-cost purchases are also available to ensure that visitors at every price point leave feeling satisfied.

In addition to its store, Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery offers an online shop that makes it easy for enthusiasts to find their favorite crystals. The website also offers a 360-degree virtual tour, which grants a small sense of the wonders that lie within the store prior to visiting. Ultimately, however, while the website is helpful, the store itself is still worth visiting. Nothing compares to being surrounded by sparkling gems in person. Furthermore, the location carries an undeniable energy that allows every visitor to experience Connie Olson’s passion firsthand. Feel free to chat about the gems and crystals on display; you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of their power, as well as a valuable backstory to make any purchase that much more special.

Insider Tips:
– A small parking area is situated in front of Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery for your convenience. On busy days, however, these parking spaces fill up quickly. Feel free to park by the side of the building on Coleman Avenue, where you’ll find both dedicated spaces and ample street parking.
– Before your visit, take a moment to download the Crystal Dictionary on the App Store or Google Play. This helpful resource explains both the scientific and metaphysical properties present within the store’s most popular crystals and minerals.