The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe– Serving Up Tasty Ice Cream for Absolutely Everyone
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4.5 / 5
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Whether you’re looking for vegan, gluten-free, or traditional ice cream, you can find all your favorite flavors at The Hop Ice Cream Café. This Asheville, North Carolina, ice cream shop goes above and beyond in making sure that everyone can enjoy ice cream to the fullest. With just a single taste, you’ll be dreaming up ways to come back again and again to try all their amazing flavors.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want ice cream done right, you need to take a trip over to The Hop Ice Cream Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina. They make it their mission to make ice cream accessible to practically everybody. Unless otherwise specified, all the ice cream in their case is gluten-free. They also have vegan varieties plus traditional ice creams in tons of different flavors, like salted caramel and German chocolate.

They serve their ice cream by the scoop or in a waffle cone, sugar cone, or plain cake cone. You can even take some home for later by ordering the pint or quart containers. If you prefer something a little more jazzed up, then think about getting your selections as a milkshake or sundae instead. They even make dipped cones on request if you prefer.

Although The Hop Ice Cream Cafe is just a hole-in-the-wall location in the center of a strip mall, they go all out in making it feel like home. They have comfortable seating indoors and out plus offer a friendly greeting the second you walk through the doors. You can even reserve a spot for your birthday parties to celebrate in style.

You simply need to try these menu items at The Hop Ice Cream Cafe:

Ice Cream Cones
By far, the Ice Cream Cones are a definite fan favorite, especially when topped with a double scoop of two different flavors. They have waffles, sugar, and cake cones plus gluten-free options as well. You can select from their many flavors of ice cream for your scoops plus add sprinkles if you wish.

At this ice cream shop, they really know how to make a Sundae feel like something special. They take whatever flavor of ice cream you want and put it over a brownie or just by itself in the bowl. Then, they add the syrups and toppings you want before putting a dollop of whipped cream right on top.

If you prefer to take your ice cream to go, you’ll likely love to sip on their Milkshakes. They can make your milkshake using whatever ice cream you choose plus add other flavors that you want. If you would like to keep it vegan or dairy-free, ask about their non-milk options when you order.

Ice Cream Cakes
When you want to go all out for birthday parties and other gatherings, don’t hesitate to get one of the ice cream cakes from The Hop Ice Cream Cafe. They have many shapes, sizes, and flavors available for whatever occasion you’re celebrating. Since their ice cream cakes are all special orders, they will decorate it just how you want it and even add a personalized message to the top.

Take your wedding to the next level with their custom-made ice cream cakes, sundae bars, and much more. You’ll need to make an appointment to work out the details and get your event on their schedule. They also offer catering for events large and small all throughout the year. Just let them know what you have coming up to serve your guests all the best ice cream treats.

Insider Tips: 
– The menu at The Hop Ice Cream Cafe changes often, so stop in on a regular basis to catch the newest ice cream flavors.
– They are careful about cross-contamination but do not have separate areas for their gluten-free ice cream. If you’re more than just a little sensitive to wheat, you may want to skip the trip to be safe.
– Each week, they offer free family entertainment to boost your fun while you enjoy delicious ice cream treats. Ask what they have coming up at each visit, so you can swing by at the designated time and date.