Crow & Quill

Step Back in Time at the Crow & Quill
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Visiting the Crow & Quill in Asheville will make you think you have stepped back to a time when drinking was only done on the sly and speakeasies were the name of the game. Tucked out of the way, here you will find an amazing selection of whiskey, scotches, and signature cocktail drinks, all served in a unique, eclectic, welcoming atmosphere.

- The Local Expert Team

Hidden away in its own private alcove off Lexington Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina, is the Crow & Quill, a quaint spot to grab a fabulous cocktail or delicious whiskey all with the backdrop of a modern-day speakeasy. Crow & Quill is filled with interesting, unique decor featuring beautiful antiques. This bar offers a dizzying array of spirits and serves the best craft cocktails in the entire downtown area.

At the Crow & Quill, you will feel as if you have stepped back in history as you almost have to know where to look to find this hidden gem, just like the times of the speakeasies. Look for the hidden entrance near the lanterns and the number 106 over the door. When you see this, you know you are in for a unique treat as you arrived at the famed Crow & Quill.

The Crow & Quill proudly offers over 600 types of whiskeys along with more than 1,000 types of spirits. This includes some rare and out-of-production bottles. The tasty bar snacks and the excellent atmosphere is primed for conversation. It’s easy to see why a stop here needs to be added to your Asheville itinerary.

Current cocktails include the Barrel Aged Revolver, which pays homage to Jon Santer’s modern classic. It features Crow & Quill exclusive Elijah Craig 11-year-old bourbon, orange bitter, and house-made coffee liqueur, which is all barrel aged for at least six months.

Another noteworthy offering is the Pimm’s Coupe. A Mahon Spanish gin, featuring house-made sweet vermouth, cucumber, lemon balm, balsamic rinse, and strawberry. This drink is rumored to be so good, you won’t want to go back to the traditional version ever again.

In addition to the drinks you can enjoy when visiting, the Crow & Quill also offers Cocktail Classes where you can learn all about the history of cocktail making, headed up by the bar’s expert staff. Classes range in size from one person for one-on-one lessons up to group classes.

You can also book the Crow & Quill for private events like private spirit tastings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and even amazing photo shoots. The unique setting and the ample spirits selection set the perfect backdrop for a range of memorable experiences.

The cozy ambiance of the Crow & Quill is only made better by the live music and the expertise of the talented bartenders. The eclectic atmosphere also features wallpaper, mood lighting, and comfy seating. Guests have described the bar as film noir, or like stepping into a gothic story. It’s a truly unique and interesting experience.

Obviously, the number of cocktails and drinks you can enjoy at the Crow & Quill is beyond expectation. However, when visiting, you have to make sure and try some of the following…

Seasonal Cocktails
The Crow & Quill features a variety of seasonal cocktails including Crow Gin & Tonic, Hot Buttered Rum, Humble Pie, the Horse’s Mane, Smoke Moon, and much, much more.

Top Shelf Selections
Enjoy the Super Premium #6, consisting of Knob Creek Rye, Silvio Carta Vermouth, Gran Classico Bitter, Rose Water, and Applewood and Rose Petal Smoke. The Barrel Aged Revolver is another top-shelf option. As is the Osaka Manhattan, the Worthy Daiquiri, and the Final Last Word.

Lighter Side
If you prefer something a bit on the lighter side, make sure to try the Cappelletti Spritz. It features Soda Water, Sparkling Wine, Fresh Orange Juice, and Cappelletti Aperitivo. Another notable option and guest favorite are the Rose the Riveter. It includes Soda Water, Orange Flower Water Syrup, Cocchi Rosa, and Pierre Rougon Rose. Add Espolon Blanco Tequila for an additional charge.

Insider Tips:
-Bartenders are experts in creating amazing offerings. They are dubbed mixologists by some patrons.
-Guests have described the immense selection of whiskey at the Crow & Quill as being like a library of whiskey.
-The unique decor of the bar features antiques repurposed to serve as bar shelving, seating, and other purposes.