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Sovereign Remedies

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Sovereign Remedies - Refined Drinks and Dishes in a Classy Setting
Written by: Vicky Reddish
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Sovereign Remedies can only be described as a classy establishment. The bar and restaurant offers refined drink and dish selections, which are served in an elegant and sophisticated setting. When planning a romantic date, you won’t go wrong selecting this place.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Sovereign Remedies is a classy establishment that elevates dining. The drinks and dishes you order are bound to be wonderful, but don’t forget to also admire the decor and dedication to service. Even something as simple as beverage preparation is turned into an art form.

Perhaps the whole ambiance of Sovereign Remedies is encapsulated in the pull of an espresso shot. Order a latte or similar beverage, and the espresso won’t be made with the push of a button. It’ll instead be pulled by a lever, just like baristas and bartenders used to do when the espresso machine was initially invented.

The dedication to old-fashioned practices and high-end items continues throughout the beverage menu, which is full of artisanal cocktails and curated selections. Choose whatever sounds good or ask the bartender for a recommendation, for everything that’s available is made to perfection from scratch and by hand.

For non-cocktail drinkers, there’s an excellent array of beers. No beers are on tap, but many local and sought-after brews are available by can or bottle.

Food selections vary from night to night, for there are many special events that the bar and restaurant hosts. No matter when you stop by, though, you’re going to find excellent selections. From cheese boards and pig ears to beef tartar and brunch burritos, there’s plenty of available options. Just as true with the drinks, all of the food items are carefully prepared and presented so beautifully that you might not even want to eat them.

Prices here are far from the cheapest in town, but they reflect the ambiance, quality and dedication to locally sourced ingredients. Everything is made with fresh ingredients from nearby businesses, including many regional farms, whenever possible.

Sovereign Remedies may stretch the budget if you use this as the local bar that you frequent. For a special night out, however, the establishment is second-to-none in terms of creativity, quality and atmosphere.

A few of our menu favorites at Sovereign Remedies include:

Breakfast Burrito
Available during Sunday brunch, the Breakfast Burrito wraps up hearty potatoes, eggs and local meat in a delicious combination. It comes served alongside salad greens, making the dish a complete meal.

Charcuterie Plate
A beautifully presented board of bread, cheese and meat. The perfect sharable companion to a round of drinks.

Bourbon Cocktail
Drink like a local with a bourbon cocktail that’s made from regionally sourced bourbon and fresh, local ingredients. Choose whichever bourbon-based drink sounds good, or ask the bartender for a special creation. They’ll be happy to oblige.

Bartender’s Recommendation
Don’t know what drink to get? Tell the bartender what you like and don’t like, and they’ll have the ideal recommendation.

Cocktail of the Day
Get something different every time you visit with the Cocktail of the Day. A new selection to try for unending variety.

Insider Tip:
Patrons under 21 years of age are sometimes let in, but they may not be allowed to enter after the dinner hour or during certain special events. If anyone in your party is underage, check with the staff to see whether they can come and get food.