Black Bear BBQ

Black Bear BBQ — Serving Asheville Succulent Smoked Meat and So Much More: TEMPORARILY CLOSED
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4.5 / 5
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As you explore all the best that Asheville has to offer, you’re bound to catch a whiff of the delicious scent of smoked goodness flying by. If you follow it, you’ll undoubtedly land at Black Bear BBQ where they make it their mission to barbecue with the best of them. You had just better hope you have an empty belly when you arrive because you’ll definitely want to make room for all the top items on their menu.

- The Local Expert Team

While browsing all the stores in the strip mall along Fairview Road, the smokey scent of barbecue will quickly come your way. When that happens, you’re likely in the range of one of the best-kept secrets of Asheville: Black Bear BBQ. Tucked in the corner between Hamrick’s and the Hanes Factory Outlet, this quaint eatery boasts big flavor in all they serve.

Their specialty is delicious smoked meats of all kinds, including turkey breast, brisket, and ribs. But they won’t let you down if you prefer meatless fare. They have tantalizingly good Faux BBQ Chicken and BBQ “Pulled” Jackfruit on tap, each treated to the smokey barbecue experience that makes their meat so good.

Whether you go meatless or straight for the smoked meats, you can get your selections plated up any way you wish. They will serve them up by the pound, pile them on luscious buns, or even throw them over a pile of potatoes. Perhaps the best way to enjoy them, however, is in ½ pound portions served with your choice of bread and two sides.

Choosing between all their excellent sides might prove difficult, however. They are all made in-house and feature the fan favorites, like baked beans, potato salad, and collard greens. If you’re in the mood for something a little different, you could go with their sweet potato crunch, cucumber salad, or Brunswick stew instead.

You absolutely must try their:

Pork ‘N Beans with Cornbread
When you just want rib-sticking goodness that reminds you of home, order the Pork ‘N Beans with Cornbread. Their sweet and savory beans will have you dreaming of simpler times, while the cornbread takes the whole experience to the next level.

Loaded Potatoes
The Loaded Potatoes are a rather new addition that will make you wonder why they weren’t always a thing. They come in two flavors, which center around either cheesy broccoli casserole or baked beans and mac and cheese. You’ll get to choose either pulled chicken or pork — or you can add BBQ veg or chopped brisket for an extra charge.

If you simply cannot choose between all the awesome options, go with a Two-, Three-, or Four-Meat Sampler. Want to go meatless? Get the Veggie-Que Sampler instead. Either way, you get your choice of two sides and bread. You can even sub in a ½ rack of ribs or sliced brisket for a bit more.

As you down their delightful barbecue entrees and sides, don’t go wild and fill up your belly too much. You need to save room for their decadent desserts, or you could miss out big time. If you’re a chocolate lover, go for the big chocolate chip cookie or fudge brownie. Otherwise, treat yourself to their banana pudding or peach quick bread. In the end, you really cannot lose, no matter what you choose.

Insider Tips: 
– This BBQ joint gets quite busy on the weekends, so be prepared for a wait if you want a table.
– If you want to get your meal fast, call in your order before arriving. They will have it ready to grub on by the time you arrive.
– Check your doggie bag to confirm the rest of your meal is tucked safely inside since mix-ups happen on the regular.
– You can always ask about their daily specials that they run throughout the week. Depending on when you come in, you might find that it’s Smoked Wing Wednesday or Sausage Saturday, much to your stomach’s delight.