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Keep You Eyes on the Pies at PIE.ZAA
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4 / 5
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This locally owned and operated minimalist, pizza eatery is offering the Asheville area some fabulous offerings when it comes to late-night pizza. You can also enjoy beer in-house if you want to enjoy it while dining in, along with standard non-alcoholic drinks. If you appreciate New York-style pizza, you will love this delicious pizzeria! 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Opening in 2020, PIE.ZAA has quickly become Asheville’s premier, late-night eatery for NY-style pizza. In addition, it is now the area’s largest pizza shop and is conveniently located in Downtown Asheville’s South Slope on Millard Ave. PIE.ZAA’s signature pizza pies are huge, measuring 28 inches, and can serve between 8 and 16 depending on how it’s sliced.

If you would rather go for a simple slice, you can do that as well as PIE.ZAA has by-the-slice options. There are even seasonal offerings featured that change regularly, ensuring something fun and new is always available at this trendy, minimalist establishment.

PIE.ZAA is proudly owned and operated by two self-proclaimed Yankees who now call Asheville home. They are glad to offer the area a taste of New York with their quick in-and-out stop that is ideal for a late-night snack fest. They combine not only high-quality ingredients with late-night access, but also combine a fun atmosphere with easy eats.

In addition to their stellar pizzas, by the pie or the slice, PIE.ZAA also has merchandise available. Logo t-shirts and other themed, fun shirts, including crop top options, logo-themed hats, and stickers are all available to purchase online.

This stop-in eatery is designed to walk in and order pizzas or allow you to order a pizza or slice online. Online ordering is turned off and on based on the volume of customers, though, so one surefire way to ensure you get your pizza is by visiting in person.

PIE.ZAA, which also caters if you order six pies or more, also offers desserts from the Morsel Cookie Co. This brand is known for its luscious inner lava-like filling. The many options they offer ensure that there is a type of sweet everyone will love to enjoy. It also makes the ideal finish to a fabulous meal of caloric goodness.

Guests say that PIE.ZAA is a great option for Big New York pizza style, raving about the pizza’s crust and quality ingredients. PIE.ZAA offers its own options for toppings and ingredients, and typically does not allow substitutions. Guests must choose from the choices of toppings offered, but they can customize within those models, meaning that you could order half a pizza one way and half another. Guests claim that even a single slice can fill you up, so keep that in mind when determining your order.

When visiting PIE.ZAA, be sure to order the following:

Cheese Pie
This classic cheese pie features fresh mozzarella, marinara, and is ideal for the true pizza enthusiast.

Garden Pie
This interesting, lighter option comes with fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, artichoke, onion, red pepper, and mushroom.

Snowdazed Pie
Featuring the house white sauce, fresh mozzarella, ricotta, sun-dried tomato, and fresh basil with balsamic glaze makes up this interesting-looking seasonal pie.

Roni Pie
This is another classic fan favorite and features fresh mozzarella, marina, and pepperoni.

Dipping Sauces
An important part of your visit to PIE.ZAA includes some tasty sauces. The options include the Zip, which is an in-house special sauce, not too hot, just some zip. It features cherry pepper Parmesan. Another option is the classic Ranch sauce which is made in-house. The final option is the Marinara, a classic style sauce.

Choose from a variety of Morsel Cookie Co. cookies to finish up your meal. There are several options, some of which include the Chocolate Chip, a classic chocolate cookie chip with morsel twists and Nutella, and sea salt. Another option is the Kitchen Sink, which is a chocolate chip cookie base with pretzels, potato chips, and dulce de leche. Another guest favorite is the Red Velvet, featuring a cookie filled with cream cheese goodness, and rolled in powdered sugar.

Insider Tips:
-At the present time, there are no Vegan or Gluten free options at PIE.ZAA.
-This is a pet-friendly establishment.
-You can order PIE.ZAA and get it delivered through DoorDash.