Little Pigs BBQ

Little Pigs BBQ – Where to Find the Best Smoky Meats in Asheville
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4 / 5
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For nearly 60 years, Little Pigs BBQ has proudly served as the go-to place for barbecue meats in Asheville. They make smoking meats an artform, piling on the flavor and cooking each cut until fall off the bone tender. Beyond that, their sides promise to take your meal to the next level, while lemon pie for dessert finishes it all off right.

- The Local Expert Team

When Little Pigs BBQ opened its doors in 1963, they wanted to become Asheville’s top spot for smoky delicious, barbecued meats. They promptly achieved their goals as guests got their first taste of all their BBQ pork, ribs, and chicken. You can experience the magic for yourself with a quick trip over to their quaint eatery on McDowell Street. They are still whipping up their amazing creations the same way they had when it all started.

Upon walking through the doors, you’ll instantly get welcomed inside like family and encouraged to check out the menu. Give yourself some time to browse all the goodies since there’s so much to mull over. Once you pin down your selections, put in your order and find a comfy spot to settle down. Don’t go too wild and order up the whole house. Their portions are endlessly generous, promising to fill you up fast.

You’ll also want to save some room for a slice of their lemon pie once you’re done with your meats and sides. The tart lemon flavor and lightly sweet crust are just what you need to cool down your tastebuds after they get all fired up by the zesty barbecue.

Come in to try their:

Rib Plate
When you order the Rib Plate, you just know you’re getting hit with tons of smoky flavor. They cook all their ribs over hickory chips until the meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth. After that, they plate them up with two sides of your choice plus plenty of hushpuppies alongside.

BBQ Sandwich
The BBQ Sandwich puts their hickory-smoked pulled pork front and center, so you can appreciate all its complex flavors. Overall that meat, they add a scoop of coleslaw that helps highlight the rich smoky flavors. The bun holds up well to all that weight, sticking together bite after bite. Add a side of French Fries or Onion rings if you wish, but do not skip a chance to grab a side of hushpuppies as well.

4pc Dinner
The Broasted Chicken 4pc Dinner brings people in from far and wide, ready to get a taste of this fan favorite. You can get it as a mix of white and dark meat or go with all-white meat for an extra charge. Either way, you’ll want to bring your appetite because this meal promises to fill you up fast. In addition to all that delicious chicken, you get hushpuppies plus two sides.

If you want to delight your party guests or simply need to munch on BBQ goodness all week long, grab up an order of their bulk carryout items. They offer their chopped pork barbecue, broasted chicken, and pork ribs in many different quantities, so you can mix and match to your liking. On top of that, they have all their fantastic sides, including beans, coleslaw, and potato salad, available by the pint, quart, half-gallon, and gallon sizes. Don’t forget the whole lemon pie to complete your meal in style.

Insider Tips: 
– Want to skip the lines? Just order online to get your meal ready to go by the time you get there.
– They tend to close early during the holidays and when inclement weather arrives, so check their Facebook to make sure they will be open before you head out.
– If taking home a bulk carry-out order, remember to grab a dozen rolls or buns plus a gallon of tea.