12 Most Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Asheville

Picturesquely situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina is a wonderful place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In addition to a beautiful setting and lots of fun activities, the city also has many great places to have dinner on a date.

Here are 12 of the most romantic restaurants in town:


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If your idea of the perfect Valentine’s dinner is a double (or triple) date, then Zambra is the place to go. A tapas and wine bar, the establishment offers many dishes to share and a sizeable selection of everyone’s favorite grape beverage. Everything is sourced farm-to-table as much as is feasible, and the decor is accents this focus with an ambiance that’s relaxed and rustic.

Omni Grove Park Inn’s Sunset Terrace

Sunset view from terrace with mountains in the background

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The Sunset Terrace at Omni Grove Park might have the most beautiful westward views in the city. Dine on an upper floor of the inn, and watch the sky’s colors change as the sun goes down. The food is worthy of such a location, and the wine list has won a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence nine times in total.

Should you choose this setting for your date, just be sure to check the time and weather beforehand. You’ll want reservations for sundown to take maximum advantage of the view, and the outdoor terrace is open weather permitting. If it is open, dress accordingly for the evening temperature.


Tomatoes and creme fraiche on butcher block

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At Cucina24, Chef Brian Canipelli draws inspiration from Italy but sources ingredients from the American South. With classic recipes and local, fresh foods, Chef Canipelli has a winning menu.

For atmosphere here, you’ll find a clean and modern dining area where the food served is as polished in its presentation as the restaurant as a whole is. This isn’t the most relaxed place to dine at, but it’s worthy of consideration if you want an eatery that looks as good as your date does.


Bouchon also draws inspiration from the Old World, but the chef here turns to France rather than Italy. The dishes heavily favor comfort food options, and everything is made with local ingredients when possible. Not to be missed, the wine list is extensive and impressive.

Don’t expect a secluded table in a dimly lit corner at this bistro. If you like French food and don’t mind a bustling environment, though, the dishes and staff here will make sure you and yours are well taken care of.


Porchetts and fresh herb salad on white plate.

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Rhubarb keeps things simple and local. The menu changes weekly depending on what’s in season, but whatever is served on February 14 promises to be good. You’ll likely have a smattering of sharable and full plates to choose from.

Perfectly appropriate for a place that serves casual comfort food, the dining area here is refined yet rustic. Wood tables and unfinished walls set the tone for the evening, and all the other decor comes together in harmony.

Sovereign Remedies

beautiful carrot dish in clay bowl on white counter

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Sovereign Remedies is a place where you can truly relax and take your time. Livingroom furniture adorns a seating area where’s your encouraged to  take it slow, and the menu is clearly intended so that you linger over your meal. Choose from daily sharable plates, salads and meat entrees, and you’ll soon be having a fond time with your sweetheart.


Curate is a true tapas bar, offering plenty of plates to share and showcasing a significant Spanish inspiration. Select a few plates to share, and ask what wine to pair them with. The wine list is lengthy and has received national recognition, so it’s worth exploring with some guidance.

With so many food and drink choices that can be shared between two, this is a great place to have fun trying something new. Who knows what the two of you will discover?

Plant Vegan Restaurant

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Plant Vegan Restaurant is the place to go if you’re date is vegan, vegetarian or just really into health stuff. The restaurant’s vegan offerings push the boundaries of what’s possible without animal products, and the staff pulls off each dish extremely well. Even the wine list features sustainably produced organic bottles that still taste great. This is likely the only restaurant in Asheville that’s won recognition from the likes of both Zagat and PETA.

Red Stag Grill

Red Stag Grill is the exact opposite of Plant Vegan Restaurant. The rustic interior features multiple bucks on the wall, and a chandler of made of branches and deer antlers anchors the dining room. If you prefer the rustic game theme, though, the soft lighting, plush seats and rich wood tables create a classy atmosphere.

The menu here is exactly what you’d expect from a place that has deer heads on the wall. There are lots of steaks, other meats and freshly caught fish. The one thing that’s missing is venison considering what’s mounted on the wall.


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Jargon’s located in a historic building with an appropriately historic ambiance. The setting is perfect for remembering earlier times in your relationship, even if you haven’t been together since the building was constructed.

Food options here include an eclectic array of beef, seafood, chicken and pasta, and everything’s crafted with conversation in mind. These are plates you’re meant to talk over.

Vue 1913

Vue 1913 has much of the Sunset Terrace’s charm, except this part of the Omni Grove Park Inn’s complex is enclosed. Relax in warmth as you gaze out at the mountains, and order something delicious from the menu. Being one of two 4-Diamond AAA restaurants in Western North Carolina, you know everything on the menu will taste good.


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Another farm-to-table establishment located in a historic building, Posana focuses on American fare and does it well. You never know what’ll be on the menu because it changes daily depending on what the restaurant’s 65 local suppliers have in season. Every night, though, the staff here comes up with a variety of options that suit different diners’ tastes.

No matter what type of romantic restaurant you and your beloved prefer, Asheville has something that’ll be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Make a reservation at whichever of these places you like best, and you’re bound to have a special February 14.