Little River Gem Mine

Hunt for Treasure at Little River Gem Mine in the Great Smoky Mountains
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5.0 / 5
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Little River Gem Mine combines the fun of treasure hunting with the knowledge that comes from learning about different stones and gems. The setting is both historical and whimsical. Plan on taking your time and spending a couple of hours enjoying the Little River Gem Mine experience. It may even lead to a new family hobby!

- The Local Expert Team

Who doesn’t enjoy finding that hidden gem of a stop while on a family trip? It’s especially true when that hidden gem is literally a hidden gem! That’s what you can discover at the Little River Gem Mine at Prospector’s Rock Shop in Sevierville, Tennessee. This is a unique, engaging, and even an educational experience the whole family can get involved in and enjoy. Best of all, you’ll likely come home from the Smoky Mountains with some real gems of your own or to share with others.

While mining your own gems is the key feature of the Little River Gem Mine, there’s a lot to take in here. You’ll not only find yourself surrounded in an old mining town atmosphere, but among a myriad of unique, and sometimes bizarre features and statues. This provides for an abundance of interesting selfies and family photos that will bring smiles for years. There’s pirates and tigers and bears…oh my.

This is a rock hound’s paradise. You’ll find a variety of gems, stones and crystals for purchase ranging from small and affordable to larger items that can serve as an attractive and interesting centerpiece of any room. There are both an inside store and an outdoor rock yard to explore.

The real hands-on fun, however, is in sifting and mining your own rocks and gems at the Little River Gem Mine. The treasure hunt starts when you purchase buckets ranging from a small blue label bucket up to a gigantic multi-bucket. They say the larger the bucket, the better chance of finding bigger and more gems. Even small buckets, however, are likely to pay off in some colorful stones and gems. Miners may find Onyx, Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise, Jasper and more. Visitors are known to find fossils and other minerals.

What’s particularly nice is that there is experienced and helpful staff available to assist you through your search, and in identifying your new treasures. These friendly folks can be a big part of your experience. The best part, however, just may be the oohs and ahhs and screams of “I found something!” from the little ones. There’s nothing like discovering something yourself, while together as a family. These are little treasures that will be cherished for years to come.

Insider Tips: 
– You likely won’t forget your cellphone but remember to use it! There’s a lot to see here and capturing happy faces at the moment of finding hidden treasures can be finding a special kind of valuables!
– If you like using reviews in planning vacation stops, be sure to check on those regarding the Little River Gem Mine. They score exceptionally well!
– Take advantage of the learning experience that comes with your visit. It will add value to your adventure.
– Little River Gem Mine is in an area of Sevierville, Tennessee abundant with shopping options ranging from antiques to T-shirts and souvenirs. You can easily spend a full morning or afternoon exploring the area.