Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer – Sevierville

Pinchy's Lobster and Beer - Fresh, Savory Seafood in Appalachia
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Pinchy's Lobster and Beer is a fantastic Sevierville seafood restaurant that has all of the lobster rolls and seafood platters you could want. Go here for savory foods and an enjoyable outdoor atmosphere in the heart of town. 

- The Local Expert Team

You don’t have to be on the coast to enjoy good seafood. At least not if you’re in Sevierville and find yourself standing at the doors of Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer. This brand just recently opened its brick-and-mortar business (previously they had been doing something of a mobile business) and this place has already become a town favorite.

You will find Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer near downtown Sevierville, TN on Court Avenue, just off of the main throughway of Forks of the River Parkway, or US Highway 441. This restaurant just opened in early 2023, and the owners have done some serious upgrades to the property. The lot this business is in once belonged to a chapel that kept a sizable side parking lot. Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer’s owners kept the building but transformed the lot into a beautiful outdoor patio.  They did this by adding in some nice fake grass and wood shavings to create an outdoor dining and hang-out area complete with picnic tables and Adirondack chairs surrounding fire pits. They also extended one side of the chapel to create a covered outdoor dining area overlooking their green space. This green space is also what the restaurant generally refers to as its beer garden.

As this company’s name suggests, seafood is the name of the game at Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer. They have lobster rolls, of course, but they also have plenty of other great seafood options that include both fish sandwiches and fried shellfish baskets. They also have appetizers, soups, and salads on their daily menu.

Each day of the week, Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer also boasts a daily special. These specials stay the same week by week, each offering something just a touch special to look forward to. For example, on Wednesday feast upon delicious hand-made and rolled lobster ravioli, and on Thursday, crack open some freshly steamed crab legs. They also feature a side raw bar menu each day of the week — although we would not call this a very strict raw bar menu as they have spring rolls and crab wontons listed in the same space as peel-and-eat shrimp.

Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer lives up to the second part of its name with a long list of draft and canned beers. Many boast a wide selection of local brews and even have their own unique beer cocktail menu. It includes different mixes of beers with specialty syrups and fruits. A good example of this is their Blueberry Shand. It combines a Blackberry Farm Classic Saison beer with blueberry syrup for a sweeter taste drink. They even add frozen blueberries as a nice garnish.

There are a lot of great menu items at Pinchy’s Lobster and Beer. Here are a few of the most popular entrees:

Connecticut Lobster Roll
Hands down the crowd favorite, the Connecticut Lobster Roll is all lobster, no filler, soaked in butter and served hot in a toasted brioche bun and with a side of fries (also called chips).

Lobster Mac and Cheese
This big bowl of cheesy pasta features thick chunks of lobster interspersed with spices. It’s a great pick during cooler days or when you otherwise want something savory to warm you up.

Before we close out, we will note that getting fresh seafood in Appalachia does not come cheap. While the interior and exterior of this Sevierville restaurant do feel more casual, the prices are anything but. Two people should come here expecting to pay about $100 for two entrees, a shared appetizer, and a couple of drinks.

Insider Tips:
-There’s a lot to do in this part of Sevierville. If you’re one who likes to drink at another place before your meal, check out The Pines Downtown. Just a couple of blocks south, The Pines Downtown offers a nice selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. They even have a mini-bowling alley.
-Do not go here if anyone in your traveling group has a seafood allergy. Just walking into the place is apt to be problematic for even those with a minor allergy.