The Wildflour Bakehouse

The Wildflour Bakehouse – Wholesome Goodness Baked into Every Bite
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5.0 / 5
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Family-owned and operated, the Wildflour Bakehouse in Sevierville creates delightful baked goods in small batches day after day. Their pastries, bread, and more are made in-house each morning to perfectly kick off the start of your day. They even go one step further and build upon their baked goods, creating stunningly good sandwiches and more.

- The Local Expert Team

From custom cakes to picnics to go, you can get a little bit of everything from The Wildflour Bakehouse in Sevierville. They serve up breakfast and lunch all day long and provide a comfortable place to enjoy your selections. You can also elect to take your goods to go and share them with your friends, family, and other lucky individuals.

When you first step foot into their bakery, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and the scent of freshly-baked treats of all kinds. They have a cozy dining room along with a comfortable lounge area, giving you plenty of options on where to sit and relax with your food. They even have a community meeting space for big groups to work on their projects while enjoying baked treats galore.

With a look behind the glass of their display case, you will be treated to a sight to behold. Cookies, cakes, mini pies, and more promise to delight the senses from first glance to last bite. Many of their offerings change throughout the year, highlighting the many delightful flavors of the season.

Delicious dishes on their menu include:

Smothered Cinnamon Rolls
The Smothered Cinnamon Rolls bring people from far and wide for just a taste (or a dozen to go!). They start with their fresh-baked cinnamon rolls, and then absolutely cover them in your choice of toppings. Your options are their original glaze, caramel pecan, or cream cheese custard — and you really cannot go wrong with any of them.

WFBH Avocado Toast
You can start every day off right with the WFBH Avocado Toast, which is always made fresh to order. Try it plain simply featuring oatmeal grain bread covered in fresh, mashed avocado or go for the gold with their additional toppings. For just a dollar more, add egg or bacon along with feta cheese, tomato, and purple onions.

Chicken Waldorf Salad
The lunch menu has many different sandwich options with the Chicken Waldorf Salad coming in at the top. This sandwich starts with cranberry pecan bread made fresh in the bakery. Then, they pile it high with diced chicken, green apple chunks, sliced grapes, pecans, and cranberries to complete this dish.

Lemon Pucker Cookies
The ever-popular Lemon Pucker cookies are just the right amounts of tart and buttery with a light and airy texture. Although these cookies are generously sized, they are definitely far too good to have just one. So, whenever you visit, make sure to leave with a dozen or more for later.

Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies
Perhaps nothing is more decadent than their Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies. As with all their baked goods, their brownies are made in small batches with fresh ingredients. This process produces brownies with all the right flavors and textures, keeping the magic going bite after bite.

In addition to their everyday offerings, this bakery dreams up gorgeous wedding cakes on the regular. Although their specialty is rustic country weddings, they are well-versed in creating a wide range of cake styles for your big day. They not only bake and decorate your cake of choice but deliver and set it up as well. You can also fill out the cake table with other imaginative baked goods, including mini pies and decorated sugar cookies. Remember to order well in advance to have everything ready and waiting when you walk into the reception hall.

Insider Tips:
– If you want to learn how to make your own amazing baked goods, look into their classes held throughout the year. You can learn how to expertly decorate sugar cookies, bake artistic pies, and more.
– If you order their 10-pound skillet apple pie, you not only get an incredibly delicious pie but the skillet as well.