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The Pines Downtown: Pins, Pours, and Provisions Come for the History, Stay for the Fun
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Known as the place for pins, pours, and provisions, The Pines is proud to pay homage to its entertainment roots. Come enjoy a game of bowling, hence the pins, or partake of some delicious dishes in the form of provisions. Of course, the pours can’t be forgotten as The Pines also features many specialty drinks, along with a full bar, that you are sure to love. Suffice it to say when visiting Sevierville, Tn, a visit to The Pines is a must-add to the itinerary for a variety of reasons. If for no other reason, it was where Dolly Parton first performed, so you have to see it for yourself!

- The Local Expert Team

Situated in Downtown Sevierville in a historic building that has provided the backdrop for many entertainment roots, The Pines Downtown is now proudly reopening its doors offering another opportunity for history to be made. With a backdrop of competition, lounging, gaming, and more, friends, families, or even strangers can come together to enjoy some great conversation, excellent beverages, and food, along with some fun entertainment.

In what was originally Pines Theater, The Pines today pays homage to its roots by opening up a spot once again that was beloved by so many. Dolly Parton herself was delighted to hear that the old Pines Theater would be opening again with a new purpose as this theater was a cherished piece of her childhood according to the beloved singer. She claims her early days and music career were shaped by the Pines Theater and the many acts she watched on Saturday nights growing up. She even performed there herself!

The original Pines Theater was opened in 1944 and seated around 700 people. It was known as Sevierville’s home for entertainment. Dolly Parton herself performed the first ever paying gig of her career at The Pines at the age of ten in 1956. So, when visiting The Pines Downtown, you are truly taking a journey back in time when some extraordinary entertainment history was made.

In addition to the historic significance that cannot be overstated, there are many other reasons to come visit today. The Pines Downtown also has several games and entertainment options to enjoy. Duckpin Bowling is the main focus. It is a smaller version of bowling, but participants say it is more challenging than it looks. There is also a Dutch shuffleboard, foosball table, giant Jenga, darts, retro video games, snook ball, board games, and cocktail arcades to enjoy.

The Pines Downtown also hosts events and offers special deals regularly. Examples of this include Whiskey University, which is a basic class on whiskey. There are also trivia nights and scavenger hunts as well as karaoke battles to keep things lively. There is so much to do at The Pines that guests can come back again and again and still enjoy new experiences.

When visiting The Pines Downtown, be sure to check out their Provisions and Pours. Especially their menu featuring delicious dishes and amazingly tasty drinks:

The Ticket
This provision consists of tater tots, hot sauce, chives, bacon, and cheese. It is a guest favorite and delicious!

The Pines Burger
This burger features double-smash patties, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, house sauce, and pickles.

Tex’ Black Bean Dip
This chip dish features lime crema, cilantro, and poblano pepper.

Carter-Cash Fried Pickles
Named for the iconic duo, this dish features homemade spears, dill, and Benton’s bacon ranch.

The Infamous Greasy Pole Churro
You have to know the history of The Pines Downtown to understand the name of this dish. Don’t worry it’s not named for its actual grease content. Instead, it pays homage to when the theater was still a theater and the owner would grease a pole and tape money to the top. Daring contestants would climb up and get the money. This dish features cinnamon, cream cheese frosting, and brown sugar.

Trotter’s Whole Hog Quesadilla
This delicious dish features pulled pork, cheese melt, trotter’s sauce, crema, and pico.

Fiddle & Bow
Representing the pour portion of the menu is the Fiddle & Bow featuring homemade spicy tequila, triple sec, kale and green, fresh jalapeno, and apple juice.

9 to 5
Paying homage to Dolly’s beloved song, this drink features dripping springs vodka, Kahlua, espresso, ole smoky salted caramel whiskey, and salt.

Kickin’ Jenny
This drink features homemade spicy tequila, ginger beer, lemon, and limoncello.

Insider Tips:
-The Pines Downtown is available for private party or private event reservations and rentals.
-The Pines is located in downtown Sevierville, on Court Avenue.
-This is the perfect place for food, entertainment, or to meet up and hang out. There is something for everyone at The Pines.