Top 8 Antique Stores to Visit in Sevierville, TN

Shopping opportunities abound in Sevierville, which is home to the beloved Tanger Outlets and a variety of cute boutiques. When you want a history lesson alongside your purchase, however, you can’t go wrong with vintage. Thankfully, this charming town also boasts plenty of excellent antique shopping locations. Be sure to hit up these favorites:


Green Olde Deal Antique Mall

Photo Credit by @threestarglory on Instagram

Explore over 51,000 square feet of vintage treasures at the Green Olde Deal Antique Mall, where every visit is an adventure. There is an abundance of items from virtually every antiquing category imaginable — and the same goes for good deals. Farmhouse enthusiasts are especially pleased with the selection, which includes a variety of items suited to the rustic chic aesthetic. While it’s crammed with items, the space is generally easy to navigate and far more wheelchair-friendly than other shops in Sevierville.

Heartland Antiques & Collectibles

Photo Credits by @heartlandantiqueshows on Instagram

Some antique shops are better thought of as malls or vintage-oriented department stores, given their sheer size and selection. Such is the case for Heartland Antiques & Collectibles, which spans a full two stories. It may feel vast, but this antique destination is surprisingly easy to navigate — especially as compared to some of Sevierville’s more crowded shops. The aisles are wide, and, for the most part, free of clutter.

High-end furniture is heavily represented, but the vast selection also encompasses fine china, LIFE magazines, and even Pez dispensers. The phrase “shabby chic” is often used to describe the store’s general style — so check it out if you want to add to your eclectic design. Prices are generally fair and the friendly staff members are happy to discuss any concerns you may have about the cost or condition of your favorite finds.

Action Antique Barn

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With a three-decade history of selling antiques in Sevierville, Action Antique Barn is a clearly recognizable name among locals. A wide variety of unique items can be found here, but nothing quite compares to the vast sign and automotive collections. Be cautious, however, if you’re determined to find the most authentic items, as some visitors have claimed to find reproductions hidden among the originals. The space can feel cramped at times, but there’s no denying that this antique destination is packed with treasures.

Hobson Byrd Co. Antiques & Appraisals

Photo Credit by @hobsonbyrdco on Instagram

If you prefer a more sophisticated antique shopping experience, head to Hobson Byrd Co. Antiques & Appraisals. Offering curated collections that have received impeccable care over the years, this elegant shop has plenty of visually-appealing displays. These setups demonstrate how you can incorporate beautiful pieces in your own home, so they should serve as wonderful inspiration. Vintage ballgowns, cocktail dresses, and coats can also be found here, as well as stunning jewelry that you’ll be proud to wear.

Parkway Antiques and Collectibles

Don’t be put off by this store’s seemingly small appearance. While it might not seem impressive based on the exterior, it has a lot to offer. The shelves are packed with treasures that can be difficult to find elsewhere. Furniture is a rare sighting, but you’ll find plenty of dishware and knickknacks, which you’ll be excited to show off when you return home.

The prices are reasonable, especially considering the excellent condition and rare nature of the store’s most in-demand items. Take advantage of the owner’s expertise — she’s a certified appraiser and happy to share her honest feedback, not to mention recommendations for other antique hot spots in the Smokies and beyond.

Estate Antiques & Collectibles

Located in nearby Kodak, Estate Antiques & Collectibles should be your go-to destination if you demand orderly booths above all else. Yes, there are more items than you might expect to fit within a store of its size, but attention to detail is clearly evident based on the impeccable layout. Fun finds include farm-related collectibles, model trains, soda advertising, and unique lamps.

The prices are higher than in many competing Sevierville stores, but this is arguably a case of you get what you pay for, as all items are in great condition. Even if you don’t come away with new treasures to bring home, you’ll find that simply browsing is enjoyable enough to have you craving a return visit.

Nana’s Antique Boutique & Paint Boutique

Antique lovers often find themselves spending time at Flea Trader’s Paradise, which boasts tens of thousands of square feet of exciting shopping. Not all products sold at Flea Trader’s Paradise are vintage, but there are plenty of great finds at one of the flea market’s most notable spots: Nana’s Antique Boutique & Paint Boutique.

This one-of-a-kind boutique specializes in hand-painted creations, which are worth checking out even if you have little interest in antiques. The re-purposed items hold the beauty of their original craftsmanship, as well as a fresh feel made possible through the loving care they’ve recently received. Special sales, demos, and classes regularly take place here, so be sure to keep an eye on the official Facebook page.

Bears Valley Antiques

Everything about Bears Valley Antiques is charming. Before you even head inside, you’ll be impressed by the mountain scenery visible from your parking spot. Eventually, however, you’ll feel compelled to check out the treasures found within. Navigating the staircase can be tricky for some, but it’s worth the effort.

A variety of vendors are represented here, so every type of antique enthusiast should be satisfied by the selection. Stop in to find the best turquoise pieces in town, as well as dolls, cookware, and decor that feels true to the Appalachian spirit. The distinctly local vibes make this a must-visit for tourists on the hunt for regional flair.

Take a break from Sevierville’s action-packed scene and slow it down with some leisurely antique hunting. This is your chance to get an up-close glimpse at the area’s history, as seen in vintage items and heard from local antique experts. You’ll come away with a wealth of knowledge, not to mention the best souvenirs in town.