Smoky Mountain Guide to the Best Cocktails in Sevierville

Mixologists around the Sevierville, TN, area work hard to create outstanding cocktails that keep bringing visitors back. If you tire of standard Manhattans and margaritas, consider trying an unusual cocktail from the creative minds of the area’s bars. With flavors inspired by local attractions, history, and great-tasting ingredients, you will certainly find a new favorite cocktail among these luscious libations.

1. The Midnight Hole at The Appalachian

The Appalachian features contemporary Southern cuisine, but it also has a full-service bar that opens in the evenings for cocktail hours. The well-stocked bar also has expert mixologists who regularly update the cocktails available by inventing new ones with the seasons. The next time you visit, try The Midnight Hole. This drink’s unusual name comes from a deep swimming hole in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Like the swimming hole, you’ll want to dive into the flavors of The Midnight Hole drink, which includes fruity and floral flavors. Ingredients in this drink include blackberries, lavender syrup, lemon juice, Bitter Truth Violet, Wheatly vodka, champagne, and Post Modern Subrosa. Sample it for a soothing end to a long week or as a way to relax on vacation.

2. The Seasons Signature Old Fashioned at Seasons 101

Seasons 101 provides guests with innovative meals, inspired cocktails, and exceptional service in Sevierville. Guests enjoy fine dining from a seasonally changing menu. However, a few staples, such as signature dishes and drinks, remain standards on the menu, such as the Seasons Signature Old Fashioned. This cocktail elevates the traditional old-fashioned by using high-end ingredients to add complexity to the drink. It includes smoked orange, bitters, Luxardo cherry, porter syrup, and bourbon. Like many of the dishes and drinks at Seasons, the Signature Old Fashioned creates a contemporary twist on a timeless favorite. You may never want to drink standard old-fashioned cocktails again after trying this upscale variation at Seasons 101.

3. Blood Orange Margarita at Graze Burgers

Sometimes, you can find great cocktails in surprising places. Graze Burgers mainly serves as a burger bar but also pours great bourbons and mixed drinks. The Blood Orange Margarita at Graze Burgers starts with standard margarita flavors and adds a sweet citrus twist with fresh blood orange juice.

Ingredients in this drink include Altos tequila, Grand Marnier, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and fresh blood orange juice. Blood oranges get their name from their ruby red coloring. They have less of an acidic bite, overtones of raspberry and strawberry, and a slightly sweeter flavor compared to navel oranges. Change up your margarita routine with this citrusy twist on the classic from Graze Burgers.

4. Tail of the Dragon at The Local Goat

One of the most eye-catching and dramatic cocktails you can have in the Sevierville area is the Tail of the Dragon at The Local Goat. The drink includes orange juice, elderflower, and Jack Daniels rye whiskey in a glass. The presentation of this drink makes the difference in the Tail of the Dragon compared to other smoked cocktails.

When the server brings the drink to your table, the glass comes under a smoke-filled glass cloche. When you take off the cloche, the smoke dissipates, allowing you to enjoy the flavorful concoction inside. The smoke serves two purposes for this drink. It enhances the experience and adds the perfect smokiness to the whiskey. Try this drink the next time you want something that will be an instant hit with your tablemates and your tastebuds.

5. Bullfish Punch at Bullfish Grill

The eponymous punch at Bullfish Grill is a sweet combination that is easy to drink. According to visitors, this is one of the best cocktails they’ve had. The flavors complement each other in the drink to produce a fruity concoction that tantalizes the tastebuds.

Ingredients in the Bullfish Punch include cranberry juice, sweet and sour, Midori, Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps, amaretto, and a splash of Sprite. Despite the number of ingredients, bartenders at Bullfish Grill are so adept at preparing these drinks that even multiple Bullfish Punch orders taste exactly the same with precise proportions. You could easily drink two of these tasty, sweet adult punches during a meal at Bullfish Grill.

6. Prosecco Pops at 101 Sky Lounge

The 101 Sky Lounge typically hosts private events, but you can visit during its public hours when it serves flavorful cocktails and live music. One of the most interesting cocktails served is the Prosecco Pop. While not a traditional cocktail, it does provide you with a blend of flavors similar to what you would get from other types of mixed drinks. Plus, the presentation harkens back to childhood summers of eating ice pops.

With the Prosecco Pops, you get the choice of popsicle flavor in a glass of prosecco. Flavors of ice pop to choose from include strawberry, pineapple, and watermelon. The fruity popsicle flavors blend with the dry prosecco for a cooling summer treat. This drink is a great cocktail at the end of the day. Savor it while relaxing on the rooftop lounge and watching the sunset from high above Sevierville.

7. Blackberry Lemonade at Bluffs

Bluffs is a locally owned and run restaurant that prepares made-to-order burgers, wings, and other American favorites in a fun, sports bar atmosphere. The restaurant also boasts of two fully stocked bars with expert bartenders working to create customized cocktails that make your favorite drinks even more flavorful.

Lemonade has long served as a timeless remedy for the Southern heat. Bluffs takes this childhood classic and upgrades the flavors for adult palates by using a variety of flavored alcohols and mixers. The Blackberry Lemonade at this restaurant combines lemonade, Sprite, 360 lemon vodka, and Ole Smoky Blackberry moonshine into an adult version of the cooling Southern summer staple.

Bartenders in the Sevierville area show off their creativity with their cocktail specials. Break out of your mixed-drink rut by trying one of these top cocktails at your next dinner or evening out. You may discover a new favorite drink to have the next time you vacation in the Sevierville area.