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101 Sky Lounge

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101 Sky Lounge: Enjoy a Sophisticated Cocktail Alongside Sevierville's Best Rooftop Views
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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4.5 / 5
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101 Sky Lounge brings chic style and sophisticated cocktails to a dramatic rooftop setting in the heart of Sevierville. Enjoy an amazing view alongside your drink of choice. Live music can quickly enhance this already memorable experience, which is not to be missed.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Sevierville may be home to a variety of distilleries, brewpubs, and wineries, but there’s something to be said for sipping on a cocktail at an upscale bar. This will be a priority when you visit the 101 Sky Lounge, which brings the best beverages to Sevierville’s rooftop scene. This chic cocktail bar delivers cosmopolitan vibes to the heart of the Smokies — but without sacrificing the welcoming vibes for which the area has long been known.

Offering a small, yet impressive cocktail menu, this is the ultimate place to grab your drink of choice before taking in the awe-inspiring Sevierville skyline. Handcrafted beverages make your rooftop experience feel wonderfully sophisticated, but you’re also welcome to ask for draft beer or a glass of wine. The selection may feel limited as compared to some other local destinations, but there should be enough options to please discerning and casual drinkers alike.

Your beverages will no doubt taste delicious, but the view sets this bar apart from the average Sevierville watering hole. It’s found atop the Historic Central Hotel, and therefore, is a popular destination among hotel guests who are looking to unwind.

Although largely thought of as an event center, this bar is open to the public — especially for live music events, which bring a variety of local artists to this remarkable rooftop atmosphere. If you’re unable to visit during one of these amazing performances, however, you’ll still find that the pleasant ambiance makes this a worthwhile destination. Grab your drink of choice, find a spot by the fireplace, and take it all in.

Our favorite 101 Sky Lounge beverages include the following:

Prosecco Pops
Enjoy a frozen treat and your favorite alcoholic beverage together. After this refreshing experience, you’ll struggle to return to drinking prosecco all by itself. These popsicles are available in several distinct flavors, such as watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple.

Fab Five
Take your time with this strong beverage, which includes a blend of all your favorites: vodka, gin, rum, peach schnapps, and triple sec. Like many of the mixed drinks served at the 101 Sky Lounge, this option is almost too pretty to drink.

Pink Sky
The name for this popular drink is as evocative as the sunsets that attract so many people to the 101 Sky Lounge in the first place. It features the perfect blend of limoncello, vodka, and mint. Together, these form a truly enticing beverage.

Indulge with a delicious cocktail at 101 Sky Lounge, where you will gain a newfound appreciation for the bustling beauty of Sevierville, as well as exposure to the area’s hottest musical acts. There’s no better way to unwind, especially when you desire a chic, yet welcoming atmosphere.

Insider Tips:
-In addition to beverages, you’re welcome to purchase a pair of Sky Lounge sunglasses. This is an excellent option, as many visitors forget to bring their own shades but also fail to realize just how bright this rooftop location can be.
-Keep an eye on the 101 Sky Lounge Facebook page, where you’ll find helpful details about upcoming live music events. There is also an easy-to-find live music section on the 101 Sky Lounge website, complete with a schedule of upcoming performances.
-While the bar opens at 4 pm, only patrons ages 21 and up are allowed entry after 9 pm.