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The Appalachian

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The Appalachian – Farm to Table Goodness in the Heart of Sevierville
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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5.0 / 5
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Whenever you come to The Appalachian, you get farm-to-table goodness served up with a smile in a truly inviting atmosphere. Their upscale dining room design and friendly service set the stage for an awesome meal – and their fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and time-honored cooking techniques come through in a big way.  

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

At The Appalachian, they make it their mission to keep the farm-to-table experience at the heart of all they do. They source all their fruits, vegetables, and proteins from local vendors more often than not. And they focus on using seasonal fare for all their menu items, changing up their offerings all throughout the year to keep up with the farmers. Then, they use their cooking prowess to take every ingredient to the next level in hopes of leaving you delighted from the first bite to the last.

To set the stage for an amazing meal at every visit, they’ve finished their dining room in wood, stone, and brass. The resulting ambiance is warm, comforting, and endlessly inviting. Their servers complete the welcoming tone with friendly smiles, warm greetings, and tons of support through your meal. They always seem to know when to swing by the table to get you a refill or pick up anything else you might need to enjoy your meal.

If you just want to grab a quick drink or bite to eat, you can even come through and sidle up to the bar. Although they’re always quite busy, the bartenders are down for a quick chat and will make all your favorite drinks with flair. They can also send your food order into the kitchen, so you can fill up without having to wait for a table to open up.

Must-try items on their menu include:

Fried Chicken Skins
The Fried Chicken Skins are packed full of juicy flavor, serving as the perfect base for the other tantalizing flavors. After frying up the skins to a crispy, golden brown, they sprinkle on a generous amount of the smoked West Virginia sea salt. Then, they drizzle on the local honey and add a bunch of pickled lunchbox peppers to finish it off right.

Buffalo Frog Legs
If you’re craving something a little different, order up the Buffalo Frog Legs as your appetizer of choice. They cook the frog legs to perfection, toss them in a zesty buffalo sauce, and then serve it all up piping hot. Alongside the spicy legs, you get a side of celery and blue cheese dressing to cool off your tastebuds between bites.

Rainbow Trout
When you order the Rainbow Trout, you just know that flaky, tender fish fresh from the river is on its way to your table. They grill this fish until it’s perfectly cooked, and then serve it alongside a bed of succotash. Along the top, they add a smattering of crispy onions and a precise blend of herbs that will leave you wholly impressed.

20 oz. Prime Cowboy Ribeye
People come in from far and wide for a chance to enjoy the dry-aged steak experience in the form of a luscious 20 oz. Prime Cowboy Ribeye. Only available ala carte, this dish features one of their top-grade, dry-aged steaks that they wood grill to the desired level of doneness. Then, they sprinkle on the West Virginia sea salt to accentuate the meaty flavors. You can order whatever sides you want for an extra charge, including roasted garlic kale and grilled broccolini.

No matter what you order, you can heighten the flavors even more with their decadent add-ons. Sauteed mushrooms, blue cheese, and demi-glace all await the chance to dress up your steak, chicken, or the like. You can even add a touch of bone marrow to the plate for an out-of-this-world flavor experience to remember.

Insider Tips: 
– Want to visit on a holiday weekend? Call to reserve a table or you may miss out.
– Don’t forget to save room for the Cherry Cola Cake. This delicious dessert is always on tap, though their menu doesn’t even hint at its presence.