Sevierville Guide: 6 Zipline Adventures to Try

Given the abundance of courses and the views they offer out to the green peaks and ridges of the mighty Great Smokies, the Sevierville, Tennessee area can hold its own with any other spot in the country when it comes to the thrilling sport of ziplining. Safe and secure in a harness as you fly via pulley and cable through (and above) the treetops, enjoying that grand Southern Appalachian backdrop, you’ll be (a) having a blast and (b) experiencing some of the most unique—and exhilarating—sightseeing the region has to offer.

Here are six Sevierville zipline adventures to take advantage of all similarly exciting and memory-minting, and each with its own special vibe:

Legacy Mountain Ziplines 

The seven ziplines at Legacy Mountain range in length from 450 feet to north of 3,400 feet, and see you flashing along at roughly 50 miles per hour some 500 feet above the ground. From the ziplines and the pleasantly slower-paced rope bridges of the canopy tour, you’ll land some unforgettable sightlines out to such landmarks as Mount LeConte, one of the highest and most impressive peaks in the Great Smokies.

If you’ve got some first-timer’s jitters, rest assured that not only is the Legacy Mountain staff rigorously trained and responsible, but you’ll also have the added security of the facility’s double-cable system.

The Legacy Mountain zipline courses are open to participants three years old and up. Meanwhile, the associated Dubby’s attractions give you plenty to do when you’re back on terra firma, including Xtreme Racing and Speed Zone go-karting, plus arcade games, laser tag, blacklight mini-golf, and more.

Jayell Ranch Zip Lines & Horseback Riding 

Jayell Ranch in Sevierville

Soar some 350 feet above the grounds of Jayell Ranch—a 260-plus-acre farm that’s been in the same family for more than two centuries—via six ziplines, the longest of which clocks in at a whopping 3,500 feet. As at Legacy Mountain, the unmistakable loom of Mount LeConte is one of the highlights of the Smoky Mountain skyline you’ll enjoy from the canopy, which you can explore on either the half-course or full-course experience. The ziplines here are open to ages two and up.

In addition to the topnotch ziplines, Jayell Ranch offers hourlong horseback tours as well as ATV rides, plus the high-speed tubing fun of the Extreme Mountain Slide.

Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park 

Person zip lining upside down at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park

Photo by elleryshae (Ellery S.)

Some of the most remarkable treetop odysseys in the Great Smokies await you at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park. Among its multiple zipline experiences is the two-hour Waterfall Canopy Tour (open to visitors seven years old and older) featuring some dazzling waterfalls and stream cascades as well as a pair of sky bridges. Then there’s the Goliath Zip Line, which conveys participants (who must be at least 10 years old) along at speeds of some 55 miles per hour at an amazing 475 feet above the forest floor.

When you’re taking a breather from the ziplines, don’t miss the park’s extensive and scenery-rich hiking trails, which access such sites as the Evergreen Grotto, the Swedish Furnace Iron Mine, and an amazing 335-foot-long swinging bridge traversing the Foxfire Gorge some 70 feet below. You can also hop aboard an eight-wheeled ATV for a guided off-roading tour of the property.

Wahoo Ziplines

wahoo ziplines sevierville tn

Some two miles of off-the-ground fun await you at Wahoo, which maintains six ziplines between 40 and 250 feet off the ground and as long as 1,600 feet. A popular option among couples? The fabulous tandem zipline, naturally. Lush temperate forest and mountain views enhance the overall experience.

The courses at Wahoo Ziplines are open to kids as young as five years old.

Adrenaline Park 

Adrenaline Park lays claim to the longest zipline over water in the country, and needless to say, it leaves an impression—especially given you launch off a 300-foot cliff. You’ll get to race three fellow “zippers” as you soar, to boot.

That’s not the only acrophobia-inducing experience at the aptly named Adrenaline Park: You can also walk 300 feet above the French Broad River on the Mountain Dew Sky Bridge, which includes a rather hair-raising glass-paneled viewing area (though you can enjoy the bridge without taking in that part if you’d prefer).

The Adrenaline Park zipline is open to zippers eight years old and up; apparently a 97-year-old visitor gave the course a go. (Sounds like a pretty cool 97-year-old.)

Adventure Park Ziplines

Nine ziplines compose the canopy-level tour at Adventure Park at Five Oaks, also part of the Dubby’s family. The longest runs a cool 2,500 feet long, and at the course’s highest point you’ll be 150 feet up, logging a unique perspective on a handsome foothill forest at up to 50 miles per hour.

A unique and especially popular attraction at Adventure Park Ziplines is the “Zip at Night” experience, which gives you an after-hours exploration up in the trees.

Rack Up Thrills & Views Alike on a Sevierville Zipline

Can’t decide among the above? Heck, why not try all six ziplining destinations on your Sevierville-area getaway? You’ll be quite the canopy-whizzing master by the end of it all…