10 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Legacy Mountain Ziplines

Across the Great Smoky Mountains, there is a lifetime of adventures just waiting for you to come have some fun. Endless hikes, awesome theme parks, and so much more all compete for your time and attention. Hidden amongst all those options is Legacy Mountain Ziplines, a truly memorable experience you will not regret trying out. Wondering if it’s worth your time? Here’s why it definitely is.

Feel What It’s Like to Soar Like a Bird

The coveted 7-line zipline adventure takes you far above the tree canopies, an impressive 500 feet up, so you can spread your wings and soar like a bird. To make your way up there, you’ll have to build up your courage and cross three long rope bridges. Then, you get to race back down across seven zip lines ranging from 450 to 3,400 feet in length each. Kids age three and up can experience the thrill of soaring like a bird, too, thanks to their tandem setup.

Instantly Fulfill Your Need for Speed

As you travel across more than 4.5 miles of ziplines, you may reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. As the wind races through your hair, you’ll likely fulfill your need for speed several times over. Your adrenaline will start pumping as you cross the rope bridges and won’t stop until you put your feet back on ground level.

Redundancies Keep You Safe While Having Fun

Your zipline adventures are sure to be wildly exciting, but that does not mean they skimp on safety. In fact, they use a redundant dual-line system made using ultra-strong solid steel. The lines are so strong that they can support the full weight of a whole car without snapping. Plus, if anything goes wrong with one of the lines, which is quite unlikely, the second one is still there to hold you fast.

All Guides Get Tons of Safety Training

As if their system is not enough to keep you safe, Legacy Mountain Zipline puts all their guides through extensive training before they land on the job. Each guide must commit 40 hours to take a basic zip line safety certification course just to start. Then, they have to go through the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) certification process to expand their knowledge even more. Once they hit the course, they are ready to get everyone properly set up and zooming along the lines while staying as safe as can be.

Learn Interesting Facts from the Guides

The guides are not just trained in safety. They also know all the best facts about the Great Smoky Mountains and happily share them with all their guests. As you walk along the rope bridges and get set up on the lines, they’ll tell you all about the views you see from all angles of the trip. With that, you’ll walk away with tons of interesting facts to share with everyone as you go on all your other adventures.

See the Smokies from an All-New Perspective

The 7-line zipline adventure takes you on a breathtaking three-hour tour of the Smokies. During that trip, you get to see all the majestic sights in the region, including The Pinnacle and Mount LeConte. Even if you’ve seen those geological formations before, you’re likely to find a whole new appreciation for each one while gazing at them from high above the treetops. Beyond serving as an impressive sight, the beautiful views are sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling connected with nature.

Create Close Bonds with Friends and Family

As you enjoy traveling through the Smokies in a truly novel manner, you are also sure to build even closer connections with your friends and family. You can come together to marvel at all the things you saw and felt as you zipped down the lines at a fast clip. If anyone missed anything on the way down, you could even encourage each other to do it all over again another day.

Get Fantastic Photos of Your Adventures

You definitely don’t want to lose your phone or camera on the way down, so it is best to leave it in the car. Despite that, you can still get spectacular pictures of your zipline adventures by opting to get their photo package. As you climb up to the starting point on the rope bridges and zoom down the lines, your guides will stop you at all the perfect spots for photo opportunities galore. Then, once you’re done, you can get tons of photos of everyone in your group for one low price.

Return Home with Stories to Last a Lifetime

After taking the ziplines down the mountains, you will end up with amazing stories to tell upon returning home. You can share your experiences again and again, letting everyone know about the magic of ziplining over the treetops. Your stories may even inspire another trip with your friends and family who didn’t get to go the first time around.

Find Somewhere Fun to Take Everyone Again and Again

Once you have gone on the zipline adventure once, you’ll immediately want to do it all over again. Thankfully, that’s possible by simply booking another spot on a different day. You can make it a tradition to go with your original group, drag along new faces each time, or both! The choice is yours. Just make sure to book your spot in advance to align your trip with the rest of your plans.

When you put Legacy Mountain Ziplines on your itinerary, you just know your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains is going to be one to remember. Don’t hesitate to go again and again either. Zooming down the mountains at 50 miles per hour simply never gets old.