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Outdoor Gravity Park

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Zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park - A Gigantic Ball and Gallons of Fun
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Zorbing is a unique Pigeon Forge experience you can't get anywhere else. If you like water slides or adrenaline rides, you'll have a blast zorbing at Outdoor Gravity park.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

One of the coolest things to do at Pigeon Forge’s Outdoor Gravity Park? Zorbing. The name is kind of funny, but the activity is insanely cool. You know those big inflatable person-sized balls you can go inside? That’s zorbing: you’re inside a gigantic blow-up hamster ball and you roll down a hill. It’s exhilarating and unlike anything you’ve ever done. We mean ever, because currently Outdoor Gravity Park is the only place in the United States you can go zorbing.

You start with the ball, which is called an OGO. It’s 11 feet wide, crafted of more than 300 square feet of plastic in two layers, which are connected with 1,000 little anchors. The anchors are what keep you from getting hurt when the OGO rolls down the hill. Each OGO has an entry point that you slide through to enter and to exit; the entry is shut while you’re riding so you don’t have to worry about falling out. The plastic is all transparent, letting you see every second of your exciting ride.

What’s Wet Zorbing?

The only version of zorbing available all year is H2OGO, which is wet zorbing. You wear your swimsuit inside the OGO, because 10 gallons of water go inside with you. That’s just enough to ensure that you slip or slide your way down the hill inside the OGO. You do not have to run like a hamster, and you don’t end up flipping over and over as the OGO rolls. During the cooler months, Outdoor Gravity park also offers dry zorbing.

What Tracks Are Available?

Up to three people can go zorbing at once in a single OGO. Three tracks are available: the FUNnel, which has a little zig-zag to it; the Speed Demon, which is 1,000 feet of pure downhill adrenaline; and the Extreme Zig Zag, which is so intense you can only ride this one alone. Try all three, watch a video of your adventures when you’re finished, and buy a video for $10.

Prices differ depending on how many people are rolling. It costs $24 for your initial roll (one zorbing journey down one of the tracks), and you can buy more rolls for $17-19 after that. If three people go at once, it’s $51, and each additional individual roll is $19. You can also buy rolls in bigger bundles if you’re purchasing for a family or planning to stay and have fun all day.

Interested in a season pass? Check out their website for season pass tickets and have fun all season long. Worried about amenities? Don’t fear! Outdoor Gravity Park offers changing rooms, restrooms, vending machines, t-shirts, shorts, and towels!

A few rules to keep in mind:

  • You can be any height to zorb
  • You must weigh less than 260 pounds to zorb
  • Children six and older can go alone
  • Five-year-olds must ride with an adult, and younger children aren’t allowed to ride.

Insider Tips:
-Summer is the most popular time for zorbing. If you don’t want to wait in line, go before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m. However, the wait time is usually short, because the rides are fast and the park has three tracks to accommodate all the zorbing.
-Spry senior citizens can typically handle zorbing. Though adrenaline is high, impact is relatively low. If you want to know whether you can handle zorbing, ask your doctor and talk to an expert once you get to the park. You won’t tumble inside the ball, so don’t worry about dizziness.
-Though the experience is a bit pricey, plan to go more than once, if only to experience two of the tracks or to do one ride with people and one ride by yourself.