Awesome Souvenirs from Sevierville, Tennessee You Will Love

After spending just a few moments in Sevierville, Tennessee, you will never want to forget your adventures there. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to take home souvenirs from Sevierville. Including coffee mugs, woodcarvings, and hats galore. No matter what you pick, the little mementos promise to keep the memories alive well after you return home from your adventures. If you want to find the best souvenirs in town, all you have to do is browse through this guide and start planning your itinerary.

Check out these awesome souvenirs from Sevierville, TN:

Coffee Mugs and Honey Pots at Alewine Pottery

When you want to remember all the talented artisans across Sevierville, just stop in at Alewine Pottery. Upon stepping into their shop on Island Drive, you will find yourself completely surrounded by handmade pottery and ceramics in all shapes and sizes.

The most popular of the bunch by far is their coffee mugs and honey pots. With these items in your kitchen, your adventures will always remain at the forefront of your mind.

Across all the options, their pottery is excellently crafted and features unique colors, textures, and adornments, including hand-cut leaves. You can even watch their pottery-throwing magic in real time whenever the artisans enter the onsite studio.

Custom Woodcarvings at Mountain Brother’s General Store

For another dose of artisan wizardry, come by the Mountain Brother’s General Store on Line Springs Road. Out front, they have an amazing array of custom woodcarvings that celebrate the black bears found across the Great Smoky Mountains.

The carvings are handcrafted out of cedar and painted to look like real-life black bears. You can even grab one holding a sign personalized with your family name to welcome visitors to your home in style.

Precious Gems, Rocks, and Marbles Galore at the Little River Gem Mine

The Little River Gem Mine along Winfield Dunn Parkway is beloved by locals and tourists alike, and for good reason. This little shop features all the rocks and gems you could ever want to be arranged outside in colorful rows.

During your visit, you can fill bag after bag with rocks and marbles you hand-select as they catch your eye. They even give you a chance to mine your own gems in small, medium, and large buckets. Stick around to have your specimens identified for the full experience.

Apple Butter, Taffy, and More at the Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store

Although apple butter, taffy, and other delightful treats will not last long on the shelf, you surely won’t want to leave Sevierville without a taste. Thankfully, you can get your fill at the Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store on Apple Valley Road.

This storefront has endless jars of apple butter and jelly along with many other treats you will want for the trip home. If nothing else, you will want to grab a box (or five!) of the taffy to keep the flavors going mile after mile. Don’t forget to grab a couple of items to share with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Bottled Shine at Smith Creek Moonshine

When you want to highlight your mantle as the focal point in the room, adorn it with some bottled shine from Smith Creek Moonshine. Located on Parkway Suite, this distillery has an incredible variety of bottled shine available in every flavor imaginable.

You can choose inventive flavors, like apple pie, coffee, and peach. Or you can just go with the straight variety for an authentic experience. If you cannot decide, don’t worry. They offer free tastings to help you select from all the different varieties on their shelves. Check out their dry rub, barbecue sauce, and jam before you leave to equip your home with the finest Sevierville has to offer.

Pocket Knives at the Smoky Mountain Knife Works

inside of Smoky Mountain Knife Works

At Smoky Mountain Knife Works on Winfield Dunn Parkway, you can choose between many extraordinary treasures all set out on display in their Relic Room. They have everything from fossils and meteorites to camping gear and kitchen items.

Of all the items, their pocket knives draw the biggest crowds as there are just so many to consider. They keep all their knives in bins and cases for you to browse through and find your favorite ones. If you want something a little more robust, you can even purchase one of their swords to hang on the wall.

Hats and Boots at Stages West

Hats and boots are the names of the game at Stages West, which is located right along the Parkway. This retailer has classic and modern styles in all the most popular colors. As you browse the hats, you can select from baseball caps, fedoras, and crushable wool cowboy hats. They also have cowboy hats in felt and straw plus all the care accessories you need to keep them in good shape.

To go with your hat, do not forget to pick up a pair of cowboy boots. You can go with the traditional style or opt for booties instead. You really cannot lose as you select from all the handcrafted designs displayed on their shelves.

Whether you pick up just one of these items or every last one on the list, you will love displaying your Sevierville souvenirs around your house. You can put them on the mantle, display them on a bookcase, or even share a few with friends. Through your generosity, they will also enjoy experiencing the magic this region has to offer and perhaps even feel inspired to plan their own visit.