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Smith Creek Moonshine

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Smith Creek Moonshine - Moonshine Tasting Room and More
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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Smith Creek Moonshine serves up a dozen different flavors of moonshine from the Smith Creek Distillery. Form pure White Lightening to smooth Chocolate Silk, the lineup of flavors offers something for every adult’s taste. A variety of jams, sauces and other Appalachian goodies complement the hard stuff.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Smith Creek Moonshine is known for its moonshine tastings, but don’t pass the gift shop when you visit. A variety of moonshine flavors and regional gifts make this a tasting room and gift shop that has a true Smoky Mountains feel.

The moonshines offered at Smith Creek Moonshine come from Smith Creek Distillery, and the distillery puts out a full dozen different flavors. Straight and Vodka varieties will instill a dull (or sharp) burn as they go down, but other flavors are much easy-drinking. Coffee, Chocolate Silk, Buttered Caramel, and Apple Pie are all popular favorites.

All of these moonshines are available for retail sale in jars, but you can get just a tasting when you visit. Sample several different flavors, and choose your favorite one or two to take home. The jars run $29 per quart but are often on sale for about $20 each when you buy several. Tastings — regardless of how many you taste — are free.

Complementing the moonshines are various jams, sauces, and dry rubs in the gift shop. These make great gifts and souvenirs. Pick up one for your designated driver, and get something for yourself too.

Moonshine has long been a staple of Smoky Mountain life, and Smith Creek Moonshine is the real deal. A staple in its own right, this is the place to learn about the process of making moonshine and enjoy the process of sipping the stuff firsthand.

A few of our favorite moonshines at Smith Creek Moonshine include:

Straight Moonshine
Drink moonshine the way your great-grandpa did during Prohibition — only legally. The real stuff is a force to reckon with, and they’re only one way to see whether you’re up for the task.

Coffee Moonshine
If you aren’t the type that messes around with frappes and fru-fru lattes, Coffee Moonshine is the coffee drinker’s beverage of choice come mid-day or evening.

Chocolate Silk Moonshine
How do you make silky chocolate even better? Capture it within a bottle of moonshine. Best enjoyed with a chocolate bar on the side, but still perfectly good if you’ve already eaten the last one.

Sweet Tea Moonshine
Sweet tea is ubiquitous in the Smoky Mountains, but not many places offer sweet tea like this. Take a sip, and you won’t want to go back to the virgin version anymore.

Lemon Lime Moonshine
When life gives you lemons, add moonshine (and limes). The Lemon Lime Moonshine will make your Uncle M’s hard stuff look tame by comparison.

Insider Tip: 
Call ahead to find out whether any music is planned while you’re in town. Live bands play fairly frequently, and listening to some hometown music only makes the moonshine experience all the more authentic.