The Dugout

The Dugout in Pigeon Forge -- Browse for Treasures or Add to Your Sports Card Collection
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4.5 / 5
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Visit The Dugout in Pigeon Forge to shop at a sports card store with great prices and a large selection. You'll find a destination for sports cards, collectible cards, and sports memorabilia you may not find elsewhere.

- The Local Expert Team

Not all vacation destinations have to be theme parks, shows, or restaurants. If you are a sports card collector, you must make a stop at The Dugout in Pigeon Forge. Nestled among the other specialty shops at Lumberjack Square, you will discover a great selection, reasonable prices, and a knowledgeable owner who loves collecting.

Collecting sports cards remains a popular activity among visitors to The Dugout. When you go to the shop, you’ll also have the chance to meet like-minded collecting enthusiasts.

One way that The Dugout connects collectors is through its events. Twice a year, the store hosts its Pack Wars events. These sell out quickly, so get your tickets as soon as you will know that you will be in Pigeon Forge. At each Pack Wars, attendees have the chance to win valuable prizes, such as signed baseballs or cards. Each person at the event gets to take home a pack that comes filled with multiple packages of cards from a variety of sports. Each box also has a ticket for the prize drawings. You keep everything in the box, and admission tickets cover the cost of the box contents.

Pack Wars events have rocketed in popularity over the years. Before 2020, these events took place in the store. Today, Pack Wars take place at the Forge Cinema in the same shopping center. The theater setting allows for every guest to have plenty of space to open their packages. Plus, after the official Pack Wars ends, the night concludes with a movie screening.

Pack Wars events are the best time to visit The Dugout because you spend an evening with other collectors all hoping that the contents of the boxes will have exceptional cards inside. Gift giveaways during the event add to the excitement, even for those who did not find rare cards within their packs.

If you cannot make it to a Pack Wars event, you can also find quality collectibles in the store. Visitors cite this shop as one of the best they’ve been to. It has a clean space and a clear organization of products. Signed and rare collectible cards from a variety of sports fill the shop’s display cases. Visitors frequently report leaving satisfied with their purchases of old or new singles or packs of collectible cards.

Card packs include those from a variety of sports. You’ll discover baseball, basketball, football, and other sport card packs to buy and open. You never know what you may find inside a pack. Sometimes, customers uncover exceptional cards.

The Dugout staff members love when their customers find rare cards in packs. Visit the store’s social media pages to see pictures of customers with their newly found treasures. Additionally, buy a card pack at The Dugout, and you may become another photographed guest who uncovers a rarity.

Meeting card collectors’ needs are the foundation of this business. Overall, at The Dugout, you can easily find everything you need to organize, protect, and store your collectible cards.

Most visitors come to The Dugout for sports cards. However, the store also sells other types of collectibles and memorabilia. Sports aficionados can browse through jerseys, baseball bats, boxing gloves, balls, and more.

Even if you don’t collect sports cards, stop into the store to browse for other fun collectible items. Funko Pops, bobblehead dolls, action figures, Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and many other non-sports items appear regularly on the shelves.

To ensure the authenticity of everything sold, The Dugout does not do any online buying or selling. You must even buy Pack Wars tickets in person. Visiting The Dugout ensures that you have the chance to see the store’s full collection of available cards, collectibles, and memorabilia.

In conclusion, if you love card collecting, you cannot miss a trip to The Dugout. Discover for yourself why it earns its reputation among visitors as the best card-collecting store in the area.

Insider Tips:
-Purchase Pack Wars tickets as soon as possible. The Dugout sells out of these tickets quickly.
-Phone ahead if you want to bring cards to sell to ensure that you can trade with the owner.