Curl de la Crème

Curl de la Crème: Gourmet Rolled Ice Cream to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Curl de la Crème brings a sophisticated edge to the ice cream parlor concept by creating ice cream on the spot and exactly according to customers' wishes. It takes a little extra time to make rolled ice cream to order, but the end result is absolutely worth the wait.

- The Local Expert Team

Curl de la Crème brings a beloved East Coast trend to Tennessee but adds the atmosphere that only a Smoky Mountain region shop can provide. The unique ice cream parlor turns sweet treats into entertainment by putting the ‘ice’ in ‘ice cream’ right before your eyes.

The ice cream creation process begins with a high-quality cream base, which is poured carefully onto a cold stainless steel plate. The parlor’s staff then adds your ingredients of choice. From cookies to chocolate to fresh fruit, you can choose whatever add-ins your heart and taste buds desire.

After chopping the cream and mix-in (so as to spread the flavor to every single bite), the staff spreads the ensuing mixture into a thin sheet. At this point, the cream has begun to solidify, allowing for easy scraping. The scraping process creates delicate ice cream curls, which are carefully placed in a cup. Select your desired toppings and voila — you’ll receive an ice cream treat that’s almost too beautiful to consume.

Beware: ice cream created on the spot can make for an intriguing and educational experience, but it also results in long lines on busy summer days. Don’t be surprised if you wait a full half hour just for the opportunity to order ice cream. Most visitors, however, would argue that the end product is well worth not only the wait but also the price (which, at $7 for one cup with a single mix in, is definitely steep).

A few of our menu favorites include the following:

Chocolate Peanut Butter:
A perennial favorite, this common request combines a chocolate base with delectable peanut butter, and often, chocolate chips on top. The result? A rich and undeniably addicting treat.

Apple Pie:
Combine Curl de la Crème’s popular apple pie mix-in with a vanilla base, and what do you get? A unique take on a la mode. Although ideal for autumn, this option evokes cozy feelings all year long.

Fruit Loops:
Cereal lovers, rejoice! Curl de la Crème offers Fruit Loops both as a mix-in and as a topping. Customers regularly include both options with a vanilla base.

Forget typical campfire s’mores; at Curl de la Crème, this masterpiece is perfected without accidentally burning the marshmallows. Select a chocolate base, use graham crackers as a mix-in, and top with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and wafers.

Insider Tip:
Curl de la Crème expedites its ice cream creation process by offering a single size. This can be slightly problematic for those visiting with children (or anybody with a small appetite), as the regular portion is sizable. Splitting is a good option in such situations, especially as the wait provides plenty of time for customers to reach a consensus regarding mix-ins and toppings. Struggling to choose? Extra mix-ins are available for one dollar each.