Buzzed Bull Creamery

Buzzed Bull Creamery: The Sweetest Buzz in Pigeon Forge
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Buzzed Bull Creamery offers the unique opportunity to pair premium ice cream with alcohol. The result? A simultaneous buzz and sugar high. You'll love choosing between many flavors and mix-ins as you craft a treat to remember.

- The Local Expert Team

Special occasions call for true indulgence. Many people find themselves choosing between sweet treats and alcoholic beverages, but there’s no need to abandon either when you’re hanging out in Pigeon Forge. At Buzzed Bull Creamery, you can eat your fill of ice cream while also scoring the serious buzz responsible for this popular chain’s name.

The concept behind Buzzed Bull Creamery is simple: ice cream and milkshakes may be delicious on their own, but they’re even better when the experience is accompanied by a bit of alcohol-induced relaxation. The booze doesn’t damage the appeal of the premium ice cream served here, but rather, enhances it. With top-shelf liquor provided, you never need to worry about compromising the quality of your dessert for the sake of a buzz.

If you’re picky about flavors and alcohol varieties, you’ll prefer the create-your-own approach, which involves a simple series of steps to get you to your perfect frozen treat. You can choose from a variety of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet bases. The many mix-in and topping choices are even more exciting. Best of all, of course, is the buzz. This can take the form of vodka, rum, gin, or many other types of liquor. Don’t forget a moonshine cherry to top your creation.

Many visitors enjoy pursuing a buzz at this unique ice cream shop, but alcohol is by no means required. Hence, the appeal among families. Kids adore the alcohol-free versions of the menu’s top items and are also welcome to create their own treats.

Whether or not you opt for alcohol in your sugar-filled creation, you’ll find the process of forming it awe-inspiring. As is the case at many nitrogen-oriented ice cream shops, the treats are made right in front of you, ensuring that the Buzzed Bull experience is as visual as it is delicious.

A few of our favorite alcohol-infused treats served at Buzzed Bull Creamery include:

Death by Chocolate
The name of this menu item makes it abundantly clear which types of visitors will enjoy this indulgent option. Featuring chocolate chips, chocolate brownies, and rich chocolate sauce, this amazing ice cream flavor or milkshake is even better when accompanied by (you guessed it) chocolate vodka.

Lemon Cake
A refreshing choice for summer, this tangy, yet sweet dessert includes the perfect amount of lemon juice, as well as cake batter, waffle pieces, and of course, whipped cream. If you’re ready to up the ante with alcohol, consider adding gin.

Buzzed Bull
Caffeine and liquor have always been a winning combination, as evidenced by this compelling order that will have you feeling extra perky. Ingredients such as peanuts, caramel, and whipped cream add plenty of flavors, while espresso delivers the namesake buzz. Add bourbon to make this milkshake even more fun.

Cherry Cordial
Delicious with either cognac or brandy, this tasty treat includes Oreos, chocolate, whipped cream, and plenty of wonderfully sweet cherries. It’s a great choice if you’re unable to choose between chocolate and fruit-oriented flavors. Why not include both in one stupendous dessert?

Ice cream and alcohol join forces to create a unique experience at Buzzed Bull Creamery. Whether you’re on the hunt for a girl’s outing, a memorable date night, or a family adventure, you’ll adore the fun spin that this Pigeon Forge places on the ice cream parlor concept.

Insider Tips: 
– If you’re struggling to choose between the many desserts served at this memorable ice cream parlor, don’t worry — as with any good brewery or wine bar, you can always opt for a flight. These rotate on a monthly basis but the selection always includes three or four of the best options Buzzed Bull Creamery has to offer.
– Interested in adding liquor to your order? Keep in mind that, in addition to the listed price, you’ll pay a liquor tax as required by the state of Tennessee. This comes as a surprise to some tourists, who might not expect the extra charge when ordering ice cream.