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The Goat Coaster at Goats on the Roof

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Goat Coaster at Goats on the Roof: You Control the Speed of This Alpine Experience
Written by: David Angotti
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This alpine coaster is an exhilarating activity for families to try. Rides are a little pricey for some ($15 for an adult) but almost everyone finds the experience worth it. Since the second ride is significantly discounted, you may want to go a second time!

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

You’ve never been on a roller coaster like this one. You sit alone on the track in a cart, with a brake in your hand. This Goat Coaster is yours to tackle because you control how fast your coaster goes. Use the hand brake to create a ride unique to you, or let it go and zip through the entire track.

Maximum speed is about 30 mph, not enough to frighten a hardcore coaster rider, but perfect for keeping this activity fun for everyone. Even if you love the rush of bigger coasters, you shouldn’t turn your nose up at this one. The experience of controlling your own cart is truly unique, providing a different kind of thrill than what other coasters can dream up. One or two people can sit in the carts, so you can brave it alone or bring someone along.

This alpine coaster has a few requirements you should know about. The person operating the cart must be 54 inches tall. If you’re going to bring a second person, you must be at least 16. Passengers need to be 38 inches tall and at least 3 years old. The cart’s weight limit changes depending on if the conditions are wet or dry; dry conditions can hold more weight. You can go in rain, snow, sunlight, or moonlight.

Insider Tips:
-Ride the Goat Coaster more than once – additional rides are significantly discounted!
-Create a more thrilling ride by braking and letting go at specific times. The view from the coaster is gorgeous, too, but during your first ride, you’ll be focused on operating the cart. A second ride will let you see the trees and Tennessee hills so beautifully displayed around you.
-The seats are a bit of a tight squeeze. If you’re above average in size, be prepared to squish a little. However, the seats are perfect for children, and kids of almost all ages will feel comfortable riding this coaster with their parents. Teens will love it especially because they get to ride alone.
-If you’re using the internet to find this coaster, make sure you don’t confuse it with the other alpine coaster in the area, the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster. Remember, too, that if you only google Goats on the Roof (without the Coaster part) you may also get a result for a spot in Georgia, which might be a little confusing since you’re visiting Pigeon Forge.