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Feaster’s on Teaster’s

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Feaster’s on Teaster’s - Native American-Style Dining - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
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4 / 5
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Feaster’s on Teaster’s offers up a Native American-style dining experience, with authentic dishes and decor. Bring the family to this relaxed restaurant, and everyone can try something new or find an old classic on the menu.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Feaster’s on Teaster’s provides a Native American-style dining experience. With authentic dishes and decor, this is a place that’s unparalleled throughout all of the Smoky Mountains.

The menu at Feaster’s on Teaster’s features a combination of Native American dishes and more common fare, so everyone can find something they enjoy. Meals start out with an array of bread, including Native American Fry Bread, to give the table a taste of what’s to come.

For those who want a more cultural dining experience, the Native American dishes span the menu’s various sections. Start with the Fried Green Tomatoes with Prairie Sauce, and then get a Native Harvest Salad, Crispy Catfish, Bison Burger, or Indian Taco for your meal. Just be sure to leave some room for dessert — the Premium Fry Bead with Wilberry Sauce isn’t to miss.

For diners who prefer more familiar fare, there’s no shortage of salades, steaks, fish, pork, and chicken available. The steaks are particularly good (try the 12-ounce Ribeye), as they’re all from Omaha Steaks. The Cesar Salad, Smoked Salmon, Pulled BBQ Port and Chicken Cordon Bleu are all exemplary of what other tasty options you can order.

Along with these main entrees, there’s a full array of Coke products, juices, milk, and tea. Go for the Unlimited Sweet Blackberry Tea if you want to stay completely Native American.

All of this is served up in a relaxed atmosphere that’s predominated by patterned booths, natural wood, and cultural decor. Don’t be afraid to walk the kids around so they can look at the headdresses, animal skulls, artwork, and instruments. Your party will be sitting next to one of these as you eat.

Feater’s on Teaster’s is one of the few Native American restaurants not on a reservation. After eating here, you’ll wonder why this style of cooking isn’t more common — it’s that good.

A few of our menu favorites at Feaster’s on Teaster’s include:

Indian Fry Bread
Indian Fry Bread comes complimentary with any meal, and it’s included in several appetizers and sides. As a side, it’s an “endless extra” that’ll keep coming as long as you keep eating. Have all you want, but leave room for the other tasty things too.

12-Ounce Ribeye
If you’re going to depart from the Native American foods, the 12-ounce Ribeye is a good entree to go with. A rich and large cut of meat from Omaha Steaks will taste great no matter how rare or well-done you order it.

Bison Burger
The Native Americans were known for their buffalo hunts, and they ate a lot of this meat. The Bison Burger here is topped with prairie sauce and mouth-watering.

Indian Taco
Load that fry bread up with ground bison, tomatoes, lettuce, black beans, and prairie sauce. The Indian Taco is a Smoky Mountain take on the Native American’s more southern cultures.

Choctaw Chicken
Chicken that’s smoked with an in-house rub is always good. When it comes with a maple glaze on the side, all the more so.

Dollar Desserts
Want dessert without spending a lot after the meal? The Dollar Desserts aren’t traditional Native American, but they still are good. (Spring for the premium Pumpkin Fry Bread with Wildberry Sauce if you want something more culturally authentic.)

Insider Tip:
Feaster’s on Teaster’s is still a new restaurant, and they haven’t nailed down their menu prices yet. Check the current menu before sitting down to make sure it’s within your budget, and don’t rely on what they post online.