The BAKESALE – Pigeon Forge

The Bakesale Serves Nostalgic Bake Sale Treats
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Bakesale serves a simple menu of mouth-watering treats one would find at a local bake sale. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick with suggestions on favorites and top sellers. Prices are reasonable for the size of these desserts. 

- The Local Expert Team

The Bakesale may be the new kids on the block in Pigeon Forge, but the company is anything but a rookie. The Bakesale has been baking sweets since the ’90s, and when we describe menu highlights, you’ll notice that they’ve honed their craft. They chose the name to draw upon the nostalgia associated with a bake sale. Young and old alike will smile as they reflect on baking treats for schools, churches, and fundraisers. It is a reminder that a bake sale brought people together for the common good, and some could argue that they are at the heart of what makes America great.

The Bakesale is part of The Island and is next door to the Fudgery. Their 60s retro sign that greets you at their door is a great nostalgic touch. Store windows boast of what awaits inside. Ooey-gooey treats, hand-dipped cookies, handmade baked goods.

The Bakesale stays true to its roots by selling treats one would find at a bake sale. They offer rice crispy treats, hand-scooped cookies the size of your hand, and small, individual pies. Bottled water, hot coffee, and cold milk are available, as are souvenirs like T-shirts.

Rice Crispy Treats
Rice Crispy Treats are the bulk of what you will find in the Bakesale. But these go way beyond anything you’ll find at a local bake sale. These treats are big (hand-sized), thick, and individually wrapped. Next, they’re hand-dipped in icing to create an array of choices. For sports fans, there are basketball, baseball, and other team sports. Flip-flop and surfboard rice crispy treats will appeal to the beach lover. And who doesn’t like bunnies and other cute animals? Customers claim that these are some of the best rice crispy treats they’ve eaten. They’re soft, gooey, and described as “melts in your mouth.”

Proudly displayed behind the glass counter are the cookies. Again, these go way beyond any bake sale cookies you have sold or purchased! These beauties are the size of your hand and are very thick. They have the usual oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip variety, but be sure to consider the birthday cake, the Snickers, and the M&M cookies. The raspberry cookie is another choice and has white chocolate with a raspberry swirl throughout the batter.

A popular treat is the classic S’mores. They are individually wrapped, resemble a round ice cream sandwich, and are big. Reviewers rave about how delicious and moist they are, including the graham cracker.

No bake sale would be complete without pies. Although these are small and for one person, don’t let their size fool you because they are rich. Staying with the rice crispy theme is the key lime pie. This colorful rice crispy pie is mid-sized and individual slices are available if you don’t want the entire thing. The espresso brownie pie is a decadent delight of dark chocolate and rich coffee.

The Bakesale offers delicious, big-as-your-hand treats that are reasonably priced and unique to those found in other goodie shops. Although new to The Island shops, we’re sure they’ll be a crowd-pleaser for years to come.

Insider Tip:
Step inside for some free samples. Staff at the Bakesale can warm up your purchase in a toaster oven to give it that “out of the oven” taste sensation.