Why You Need to Take a Trip to The Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge

As you try to plan the perfect itinerary for your trip to Pigeon Forge, definitely work a visit to The Mountain Mile into the schedule. It’s the perfect spot to land for delicious food, shopping adventures, and a whole lot of fun. You simply cannot lose, no matter when you swing by. Just be sure to allow for enough time for all the main attractions, so you don’t miss out on the top things to do at this popular spot.

Not sure what to plan for? Here’s a look at all the best attractions you’ll get to enjoy on your trip to The Mountain Mile and Tower Shops in Pigeon Forge:

Be the First to See What’s New in Pigeon Forge
row of shops next to green grass with mountain monster in view and play things

Designed to shake up the region with its cool mix of shops, restaurants, and amusement park rides. The Mountain Mile and Tower Shops stretch across over 174 acres from end to end. Although this huge venue has been in the works for a while now, it’s finally starting to come together and show off its unique character. Want to experience the magic for yourself? Just head down Teaster Lane just behind the Island at Pigeon Forge. You can then say that you’re one of the first to see this brand-new attraction and start spreading the word far and wide about all it has to offer.

Treat Yourself to the Sweetest Delights Ever Made
sweet treat with marshmallow on top in cup at cinnaholic

When sweet treats are calling your name, you have several options at The Mountain Mile. You can zip on over to Cinnaholic for gourmet cinnamon rolls made with tons of exceptional ingredients, like toasted coconut custard and homemade brownie bites. Or if you’d like a frozen treat instead, hit up Cream & Sugar for rolled ice cream delights in all your favorite flavors.

Fuel Up for All Your Fun Adventures at the Onsite Eateriesjuicy burger with pimento cheese and onions next to pile of fries at junction 35

New restaurants are coming on the scene all the time, giving you plenty of options for when hunger strikes. Guy Fieri plans to bring the goods to his much-anticipated eatery, Downtown Flavortown. On the other side of the building, you’ll soon find the Azul Cantina serving up authentic Mexican food. As for what’s open right now, you can currently choose between The Listening Room Café and Junction 35 Kitchen & Bar.

Kickstart Your Competitive Side with Lawn Games

After eating, you can let your belly settle and head out to the lawn for fun and games. You’ll find many excellent lawn games set up for everyone’s enjoyment. Such as cornhole, jumbo chess and checkers, and so much more. They even have hula hoops and sports balls of all kinds all around, so visitors can create their own games as often as they’d like. Want to just sit and chill? Kick back by the firepits instead.

Spread Out on the Grass to Watch Awesome Moviesrow of shops and green grass at the mountain mile in pigeon forge tn

When the weather cooperates, movies are the name of the game, usually starting right as the sun goes down. You’ll want to arrive early to grab a great spot on one of the inner tubes set up across the lawn. If you plan it well enough, you can even leave someone to watch over your spot while you head inside to grab snacks for your group.

Put on Your Ice Skates and Twirl Around the Rink

In the winter months, the movies go to the wayside in favor of a huge ice skating rink. If you have your own ice skates, hats, scarves, and mittens bring them along. Otherwise, you can gear up for your big rink debut over at the REI Co-op. When you need to warm up, just head inside to the Coffee Armory for a hot cup of joe.

Showoff Your Daring Side on Exciting Amusement Park Ridespeople propelled into the air at monster launch at pigeon forge mountain mile

With their huge drops and ultra-fast speeds, the Monster rides are a huge hit with thrill-seekers. Wondering what each one is all about? Here’s a look.

  • Monster Fall: A stomach-flipping 200-foot drop with only a lap belt holding you in the seat
  • Monster Launch: A slingshot ride up 170 feet with zero-Gs at the top and surprises all the way down
  • Monster Dive: A quick freefall that turns into a swing to remember over the water feature

You can go on just one Monster experience or hop on all three for one low price. Either way, you should definitely bring your courage along for the ride.

See If You Can Conquer the Live Escape Game

Photo Credit by @dustin_paul on Instagram

After putting your bravery to the test, you can challenge your wits with a trip over to Escapology. In their live escape game, you must solve the puzzles one by one to even have a chance to get out before the buzzer. If you fail, you’ll have to walk away without bragging rights. Don’t worry though, you can come back anytime to try again.

Enjoy a Chance to Pilot a Polaris Slingshot Around Town

Photo Credit by @mountainmileadventurespf on Instagram

If you’ve always dreamed of exploring Pigeon Forge in style, don’t hesitate to stop by Mountain Mile Adventures for a Polaris Slingshot rental. Available in automatic and manual, this sweet little ride boasts exceptional handling and power for days. Providing you and a passenger the cruise of a lifetime. Make sure to bring your camera, and snap fantastic photos of all kinds as you explore mile after mile.

Shop Your Heart Out for Clothing, Pottery, and More

Once you’re all tuckered out, you can take a leisurely walk through the mall and shop your heart out. Although stores are still going in each day, there are already plenty of places to shop for shoes, clothing, and adventure gear. There are also several spots for pottery, adventure gear, and everything in between.

Now that you know just what’s awaiting your arrival at The Tower Shops at Mountain Mile, you can create the perfect schedule for your visit to Pigeon Forge. You’ll still need to keep a close eye on the clock. It’s easy to spend the whole day here. Thankfully, you can always come back for even more fun if you miss any attractions or just want to experience them all over again.