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Listening Room Cafe – Pigeon Forge

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Listening Room Cafe – A Pigeon Forge Gathering Place for Live Music Plus Tasty Food and Drinks
Written by: Jasmin Diaz
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4.5 / 5
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Are you in the mood to listen to live music while noshing on decadent bar food and the drinks to match? If so, set your sights on the Listening Room Café. Set in the heart of Pigeon Forge, this venue serves as a great place to have a memorable night out on the town whether you’re flying solo, out with your beloved, or partying with all your friends.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Since 2006, the Listening Room Cafe Pigeon Forge has proudly served as the place to go for live music accompanied by truly delicious food and drinks. Made to match their sister location in Nashville, this eclectic bar serves as a popular gathering place in Pigeon Forge. They’re well known as the top spot for date nights, birthday parties, and all your other special occasions. They’re even a fantastic place for your bachelor or bachelorette party, letting you have one last hurrah before your big day.

Listening Room Cafe Pigeon Forge operates as a music venue above all else, so you never need to make reservations before coming by. If there are no tables available, then you may need to wait it out at the bar or stand around listening to music until a spot opens up. You’re welcome to order drinks and appetizers in the meantime, of course, making it easy to kill some time before you can grab a table.

They always book the best local musicians, too, so you won’t regret having to stick around longer than expected. In fact, you may find the acts so good that you end up staying until close. To get the full experience, definitely grab a table once one comes available though. All their entrees are second-to-none, demanding your full attention from the first bite through to the last. So, while you can eat them at the bar, you’ll want to get cozy before digging in, so you can truly savor all the flavors before you.

Their decadent bar food – and all their handcrafted drinks – are so spectacular because they only use the finest ingredients and time-honored recipes. In fact, they go all out to source fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. Barring that, they seek out their produce, meats, and more from trusted suppliers always. Then, they take each ingredient to the next level by infusing them with unique Nashville flavors, giving a nod to their humble beginnings 200 miles away.

Top-notch items on the Listening Room Cafe Pigeon Forge menu include:

Sweet and Spicy Pickles
The Sweet and Spicy Pickles never fail to whet your appetite, readying you for even more home-cooked goodness. This starter begins with locally-grown sweet pickles hit with plenty of spice. The pickles get sliced up, hand-battered, and then taken for a swim in the deep fryer. Once they’re golden brown, they land on the plate alongside ranch dressing for dipping.

Turkey Apple Crisp
For a taste of their County Weekly Magazine hit, go for the Tukey Apple Crisp, for sure. This dish starts with house-smoked turkey breast and bacon on toasted wheatberry bread. To that, they add crisp granny smith apples and Swiss cheese hit with more than a dab of cranberry aioli. You get one side of your choice as well, including Sweet Potato Fries, Street Corn, or Brussel Sprouts with Bacon.

Smoked Bologna
When only the finest comfort food will do, treat yourself to Smoked Bologna. This classic starts with thick-cut bologna slapped on the grill until perfectly browned. Then, they put it over a piece of Texas toast slathered in spicy brown mustard. Before the second slice of toast goes over the top, lettuce, tomato, and onion join the party. A side of your choice beautifully completes your meal right at the end.

Brunch is served on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm, just in case you want to start your weekend off right. If you swing by at that time, you can enjoy their signature Sweet & Spicy Pickles alongside Country Fried Steak Biscuits, Breakfast Poutine, and so much more. Just remember to save room for the Listening Room Cafe Pigeon Forge iconic Encores, like their scrumptious Southern Strawberry Short Cake.

Insider Tips:
-The menus change at 4 pm to separate lunch and dinner, so plan your visit accordingly if you have your heart set on a particular menu item.
-During the off-season, they’re known to close early. To avoid showing up at a locked door, call before you come out, especially if it’s later in the evening.
-Want to show your love for the Listening Room Cafe Pigeon Forge experience? Visit their swag shop to buy shirts, hats, and more to wear on all your travels.
-Dining with the whole crew? Ask for a bucket of beer, and then have them keep them coming.