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Village Candles

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Village Candles - Cozy Candle and Gift Shop in Gatlinburg, TN
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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4.5 / 5
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Village Candles is a truly unique Gatlinburg gift shop that isn't typically inundated with crowds. A great source for gifts or souvenirs, the shop offers unique scented candles and artistic candles so stunning you might never want to actually burn them. Friendly, personable employees and warm customer service keep visitors coming back again and again for meaningful and memorable gifts that you wouldn't be able to find at more mainstream shops. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Village Candles is a unique gift shop offering unique candles and one-of-a-kind gifts in a surprisingly expansive gift shop. A popular stop for Christmas gifts and souvenirs to take back home, Village Candles has something for everyone, from one-of-a-kind spiral-burning candles to hand-dipped tapers, uniquely shaped candles, and unique gift shop items. Expect a clean, cozy atmosphere when you walk in.

Wooden plank walls, glass shelves, and an atmosphere that’s a little kitschy and rustic add to the shop’s charm. You’ll see tapers hanging on the walls, shelves filled to the brim with uniquely eye-catching candles, and American flags and decor throughout. Come here when you have plenty of time to browse; you might find that it takes longer than you would’ve expected to rake in all the unique candle offerings you’ll find inside.  Employees are friendly and helpful, always willing to chat, answer questions, or help find the perfect gift without the obtrusive “salesy” demeanor of some gift shops’ service reps.

Beyond the huge variety of candles offered here, you’ll also find charming trinkets and collectible items to commemorate your visit to Gatlinburg. You’ll find seasonal candles like Christmas trees, Santa figures, Nativity candles, and snowmen during the holidays, and Easter and spring-themed candles in the early months of the year. Both scented and unscented varieties are available. Many of their candles are quite legitimately works of art. Some feature layers of colorful wax cut and molded to form intricate designs, while others are poured and painted to resemble lifelike owls, trees, deer, and other figures.

You’ll find very reasonable pricing at Village Candles, along with the personal service you’d expect from a boutique shop. The shop does offer gift wrapping and shipping for those who want to select a gift to send back home or to friends and family, so keep that in mind even if space in your suitcase is tight!

Village Candles is located in a strip mall at 1400 E. Parkway in Gatlinburg, right beside The Leather Works shop. It’s in a small commercial center with a variety of other gift shops and restaurants and ample parking, making it an easy stop–especially when you’re shopping around for souvenirs or gifts for family and friends back home. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat from any of the local eateries and take your time exploring the area’s offerings.

Insider Tips: 
– Have questions about the availability of seasonal candles or piecing together a gift set? Don’t hesitate to ask; the shop often has multi-candle discounts, and can sometimes help fulfill requests for out-of-season candles.
– Because this is an owner-operated gift shop, sometimes the hours vary; you might want to call to confirm hours before your visit.