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The Wood Whittlers

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The Wood Whittlers - Intricately Carved Wood Decor
Written by: Vicky Reddish
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The Wood Whittlers elevate whittling to a fine art form, offering a variety of intricately carved wood decorations that are all hand-made. If you’re looking for a gift or something to display in your own home, you’re bound to find a beautiful piece here.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Wood Whittlers elevate simple whittling to a form of fine art. You’ll find a large variety of intricately carved decorations here, all of which are carefully made by hand.

The decorations at The Wood Whittlers come in all shapes and sizes, quite literally. Small Christmas tree ornaments, small items for shelves and full-size figures to put in front lawns line the small shop, and you never know what the craftspeople intend to whittle next. Of course, you can always make a special request if you’ll be in town a few days or are willing to have an item shipped.

Whatever is in-process is bound to look great, for all of the carvings are of extremely high quality. The craftspeople are true masters of their craft, and their skill is evident in their works. Every piece is carefully carved so that the design works perfectly with the wood’s natural characteristics, and the fine details bring the pieces to life.

As natural wood carvings, these are pieces that both serve as a reminder of the Smoky Mountains’ lush forests and look beautiful with almost any decor.

In addition to wood carvings, the shop also sells whittling supplies if you’d like to take up the craft yourself.

A fine wood carving is a perfect gift or souvenir if you’re on vacation in the Smoky Mountains, and the carvings here are some of the best. Whether you’re looking for a small, simple item or something that’s literally the size of a bear, you’re bound to find a carving to take home with you here.

A few of our favorite items at The Wood Whittlers include:

Great Smoky Mountains Christmas Ornament
A beautifully designed ornament, the Great Smoky Mountains Christmas Ornament captures a classic scene from the region within the frame of a maple tree. The natural wood that the ornaments are carved from only enhances the rustic feel of the scene.

Dog or Cat Figurine
For the animal lover in your life, a dog or cat figurine can make a wonderful gift. Few people have a wood carving of their preferred pet, yet almost everyone will appreciate this if they live with a beloved animal.

Full-Size Wild Animal Carving
The most dramatic carvings are the full-size works that feature wild animals, such as bald eagles in flight and bears standing tall. Any of these will make a bold statement in a front lawn back at home.

Rustic Wood Table
If you’d prefer a more practical but still significant work, opt for one of the rustic wood tables. The natural grains and barks of the wood bring a cabin-like atmosphere to any room.

Wood Carving Supplies
While this isn’t the only place you can find wood carving supplies available of purchase, it’s one of the best places to buy from. There’s a good selection, and the craftspeople can show you precisely what to get for your interests.

Insider Tip: 
Make sure you ask the craftspeople about their works. They love to share their passion for woodworking, and they’ll tell you all about any piece that they’ve made.