Alamo Steakhouse

Alamo Steakhouse: Bringing Texas Traditions to Tennessee
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Gatlinburg's Alamo Steakhouse delivers the best of Texas culinary tradition to Tennessee. Brought back to life after a devastating fire, the new and improved restaurant is sure to satisfy with its meat-heavy menu, featuring steak, pork chops, stuffed shrimp, and more.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re craving an authentic Tex-Mex meal in the great state of Tennessee, you’ll find it at the Alamo Steakhouse in Gatlinburg. This meat lover’s paradise is known for its generous portions and friendly vibe.

Alamo Steakhouse seeks to highlight Tennessee’s connections to the great state of Texas through its culinary offerings. As its staff points out, Davy Crockett was originally from Tennessee. Furthermore, Tennessee sent over 2,000 volunteers to battle in the Mexican-American war.

Tragedy struck Alamo Steakhouse in Gatlinburg in late 2016 when fires destroyed the original establishment. After a year of hard work, however, Alamo Steakhouse is back — and some regulars claim that it’s far better after reopening. The new venue is fresh and bright but still boasts the same generous portions and friendly atmosphere that originally set Alamo Steakhouse apart.

Alamo Steakhouse maintains separate lunch and dinner menus. Lunch portions are smaller, but also more affordable. A special menu is offered for young visitors. Although the menu features a few meat-free soups and salads, Alamo Steakhouse is generally not friendly to vegetarians, and certainly not to vegans. If your diet does not include meat or cheese, you’ll find your selection to be incredibly limited. If, on the other hand, you believe that a juicy steak or pork chop should lie at the center of every meal, you’ll appreciate the restaurant’s meaty menu.

A few of our favorite menu items at Alamo Steakhouse include the following:

San Antonio Chicken
A favorite at lunch, the San Antonio Chicken is sure to satisfy. Centered around a grilled boneless chicken breast, the dish is topped with Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, along with red onions, diced tomatoes, scallions, and BBQ sauce.

Cowboy Club
Another lunchtime favorite, this satisfying sandwich will put a smile on your face. Served on Texas toast, it features sliced ham and turkey. It’s topped with just the right amount of bacon, plus Swiss and cheddar cheese. Add lettuce and tomato, and the end result is a delightful sandwich. Like all Alamo Steakhouse sandwiches, the Cowboy Club is served with the restaurant’s signature crunchy French fries.

Fried Calamari
Kick off your Alamo Steakhouse dinner experience with lightly battered calamari and banana peppers, which are fried to perfection.

Stuffed Shrimp
You’ve never tasted shrimp quite like this! At Alamo Steakhouse, the shrimp is butterflied and then filled with a delectable crab stuffing. After covering the stuffed shrimp with garlic butter, the chef bakes it to perfection. This and other entrees are served with a salad and a choice of sides. Options include mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, creamed spinach, and French fries, among others.

Chili Rubbed Pork Chops Dinner
If you like a little kick with your dinner, you’ll adore these oak-grilled pork chops, which are served with Alamo Steakhouse’s light citrus BBQ sauce.

Whether your idea of the perfect meal includes shrimp, steak, or a club sandwich, you can find it at Alamo Steakhouse. Come with an empty stomach and leave with a smile!

Insider Tips:
-Some visitors report that parking can be a hassle when the restaurant is busy. Although this Gatlinburg restaurant has a private parking lot, it sometimes fills up in the evening, leaving visitors to circle around the block in hopes of landing a coveted parking spot.
-Are you ready to hit the town with your sweetheart for date night? Reserve one of Alamo Steakhouse’s exclusive love nests. These semi-private tables bring a more intimate feel to the steakhouse experience. The restaurant only accepts reservations for its love nests and one other semi-private area for between ten and twelve people. A love nest reservation could get you out of a long wait, but must be made in advance — private seating at this restaurant is in high demand.