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Gatlin’s Escape Room Games

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Gatlin's Escape Games: An Immersive and Interactive Escape Room Experience
Written by: David Angotti
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5.0 / 5
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Get in on the escape room trend with Gatlin's Escape Games, which delivers artistic details and compelling storylines. Although more challenging than the average escape room, Gatlin's Escape Games are also more satisfying when finally solved.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Universally acclaimed by a variety of delighted reviewers, Gatlin’s Escape Room Games goes beyond the usual escape room concept to deliver a truly unique team-building adventure. The venue’s challenging and highly interactive puzzles never feel contrived.

The moment you enter your escape room of choice, you’ll be blown away by the artistry and attention to detail. No stone is left unturned in the quest to deliver a captivating experience. Don’t spend too much time gazing at your surroundings — you’ll need every second available for strategizing.

Each story provides a level of detail that matches the decor. In-depth descriptions will quickly make you feel as if you are living the portrayed story. Whether you’re in the Temple of Poseidon or preparing to blow up a moonshine still at Big Maw Bertha’s, you’ll connect with the characters and the setting, and therefore care more about the eventual outcome.

If you expect victory and anticipate being heavily disappointed if you fail to succeed in an escape room (or frustrated if you emerge with seconds to spare), this might not be the adventure for you. If, however, you desire to challenge yourself, think outside of the box, and possibly learn something new, you’ll have a blast — win or lose.

A few of our escape adventure favorites include the following:

The Legend of Atlantis
Accommodating up to eight players, The Legend of Atlantis escape room brings new life to a familiar tale. Your team’s goal: to traverse the Temple of Poseidon and find famous explorer Hathaway Wren, plus five power crystals that could potentially alter the course of human existence.

Moonshine Hill Hootenanny
Up to six players can team up to break into Big Maw Bertha’s shack and explode her moonshine still. This is an ideal option if you demand humor infused into every aspect of your escape room experience. This endeavor remains incredibly challenging, but chuckles at regular intervals will break up the tension if you or your cohorts ever feel frustrated.

Other game rooms include; the Haunting of Hyde House and Masters of Magic.

Insider Tips:
-The adventures at Gatlin’s Escape Games are far more challenging than most escape rooms, so try to get as close to the maximum number of allowed participants as possible. The more people involved in your escape experience, the more ideas you’ll generate — and the more likely you are to emerge victorious in the allotted sixty minutes. That being said, escape experiences are priced per person and not per group, so there is no cost benefit to booking a large group.
-Like most escape experiences, Gatlin’s Escape Games occasionally elicits price-based complaints. However, while many participants mention the steep price, they also argue that the unique experience is worth every penny. Many visitors get the most bang for their buck by investing in Gatlin’s Escape Plus, which adds a variety of other activities to the escape room adventure.