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Enjoy the Wildly Adventurous Side of the Smokies With CLIMB Works Gatlinburg
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Would you like to see the Great Smoky Mountains while safely zipping over the treetops? If so, we have great news: CLIMB Works can make it happen. All you have to do is sign up for their Mountain Zipline Tour and away you go.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

If you want to see the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains from every last perspective, you absolutely need to try the Mountain Zipline Tour from CLIMB Works. On this two-hour tour, you get to zip through the air above the treetops, taking in the spectacular views while satisfying your need for speed. Plus, you can test your mettle by traversing four aerial bridges and rappelling off a platform like a true adventurer.

Before you can enjoy all that, the journey starts with an exciting ATV ride up to the first zipline. All along the way, your guide will fill your mind with facts and figures about the Smokies. You’ll learn about the history and culture of the region plus get to hear exciting stories about all the amazing wildlife all around. They’ll also let you know what to expect once you make it to the ziplines and where to direct your gaze to catch all the most breathtaking sights.

Photo of Zip Lining at Climbworks

Photo provided by SmokyMountains.com user @rolyat2598 (Taylor Collins)

Once you get up to their platform, your guide will help you get into the harness and clip securely to the line. Through their extensive training and professional experience, they know how to perform all the double and triple checks needed to ensure your safety.

After you’re hooked to the first zipline and given the go-ahead, take a deep breath and step off the platform. From there, you just have to focus your gaze on the 360-degree view of the Smoky Mountains and simply enjoy the show. Your guides will use the innovative braking system to control the ride and bring you safely up to each platform. There are six side-by-side lines in total with short breaks in between where you can chat with your guides.

As you take the tour, you’ll encounter long aerial bridges that offer a new way to see the beautiful sights and put your courage to the test. Plus, the chance to rappel off the platform serves as a reward for your awesome willingness to try new things.

To make the most of your adventures, you’ll need to arrive well prepared for all the fun ahead. Plan to wear comfy clothing, sunglasses with a strap, and well-fitting closed-toe shoes. If you bring a camera, be sure to secure it with a strap or it cannot come along on your journey. Skip the dangly jewelry and unsecured gear since it could fall and get lost forever. You’re welcome to put your car keys in their lockers while enjoying your zipline adventures. Bigger items should get left in your trunk.

Rain or shine, the tour must go on, so make sure to wear clothes that can get a bit wet. If you prefer, you can ask for a poncho to wear, although that’s only going to do so much as you zoom through the air. They do reserve the right to cancel the tour if there are high winds, thunderstorms, or other complicating factors. If that happens, no worries, they’ll just reschedule your visit at a later date or provide a refund if you prefer.


Climb Works Zip Lining Tour

Photo provided by SmokyMountains.com user @rolyat2598 (Taylor Collins)


Insider Tips:
– They do try to accommodate walk-ins, but it’s best to make reservations about five days before you want to go on a tour. To do so, you just have to give them a call or book your spot using the online system on their website.
– Kids over age seven but still under 70 pounds may need to ride tandem with a sibling or one of the guides. Try to let them know this info when making your reservation, so they can plan accordingly.
– Although it’s not required, guides truly appreciate any tips you can throw their way.
– Since there are no bathrooms along the zipline route, be sure to use the restroom before you head out on the ATV.