Caramel Candy Company

Caramel Candy Company - Candy Shop Specializing in Soft Caramel
Local Expert's Rating:
4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Caramel Candy Company specializes in soft caramel in a variety of flavors. Their proprietary non-sticky formula wins rave reviews. Expect soft, easy-to-eat caramel, sold by the pound and in variety packs. Prices aren't cheap, but this freshly-made caramel, handmade in small batches, is like no other. 

- The Local Expert Team

For many Gatlinburg visitors, specialty caramel from the Caramel Candy Company is the first must-stop destination. Caramel Candy Company promises soft, non-stick caramel that’s easy to eat not only because it’s delicious, but also because it doesn’t stick to your teeth. And with a huge variety of flavors–from classic, unadulterated caramel to out-of-the-box offerings like sweet habañero and sea salt almond–you’ll find something for everyone. Caramel Candy Company even offers sugar-free candy options.

Most visitors to Gatlinburg stumble upon the Caramel Candy Company’s offerings when they see an employee sitting by the front entrance with a tempting tray of free samples. Just a taste is all it takes to lure would-be customers in to sample more varieties of smooth confectionary goodness–and, every so often, to end up heading home with a suitcase full of assorted caramel to share with friends and family. Expect a small but clean and welcoming storefront. Although some visitors note less-than-stellar customer service, they almost invariably conclude that the caramel is worth interacting with the sometimes-curt employees.

Some favorite caramel flavors include… 

Pecan Caramel
A Southern staple and easily one of the Caramel Candy Company’s most popular flavors, the pecan caramel knocks it out of the park. With the perfect caramel-to-pecan ratio and a beautiful blend of buttery caramel flavor and fresh, sweet pecans, it’s hard to go wrong with this fan favorite. Cinnamon pecan caramel is another mouthwatering option.

Sea Salt Almond
This unexpected flavor combination of light almonds and crisp sea salt beautifully offsets the sweetness of caramel in this confection. This is another very popular fan favorite. It looks particularly attractive when boxed, thanks to the flakes of sea salt sprinkled on the caramel’s surface.

Caramel Sauce
Add a layer of decadence to practically anything with a drizzle of jarred caramel sauce. This is a lighter, drizzle-friendly version of the Caramel Candy Company’s trademark caramel. It’s perfect for topping ice cream, apples, chocolate cake, or practically anything else.

Caramel Candy Company is located at 732 Parkway in Gatlinburg, in the same strip mall as the Mayfield Dairy Bar and the All-American Souvenirs gift shop. It’s convenient to the best of Gatlinburg’s restaurants and other attractions, making it an easy stop anytime you’re passing through.

Insider Tips: 
– If you don’t have room in your suitcase to take your Caramel Candy Company’s offerings home, you can order online after your return; the soft caramel holds up well in transit, and prices are only a bit higher for online orders.
– Don’t hesitate to ask for samples of flavors you’d like to try; you’ll be served up a small bite to sample flavors you’re considering for purchase.