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CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains – Zipline Tour

Take Your Gatlinburg Experience to New Heights With CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains Zipline Tours
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Get your thrill on at CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains Zipline Tours, where gorgeous scenery and high-flying excitement join forces to create an experience you won't quickly forget. The company's tours include an educational element designed to get you better acquainted with the Smokies.

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

Experience the beauty of the Gatlinburg area from a whole new perspective with help from the team at CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains. As you soar from tree to tree, you’ll be amazed by the local scenery. Your experience will grant you not only a greater appreciation for the natural elements that make the Smokies so special, but also, for your own ability to conquer new adventures.

CLIMB Works offers multiple zipline tour options to suit different types of thrill-seekers. If a single tour isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings for high-altitude thrills, feel free to invest in the company’s zipline tour package, which allows you to take part in multiple adventures. Each tour is different enough to keep the package experience from feeling repetitive. Keep in mind, however, that the average tour lasts approximately two hours — more than enough to satisfy most visitors.

Reservations are required, so you’ll want to plan your trip well in advance. Depending on the season, you may be able to score same or next-day reservations.

The staff members at CLIMB Works are notoriously friendly. They understand that many visitors are torn between nerves and a desire for adventure. They won’t push you further than you’re willing to go, but you can expect an inspiring pep talk if you’re struggling to get started. They incorporate humor to great effect, so don’t be surprised if you spend the majority of your tour laughing.

Parents appreciate that the guides love interacting with kids. They exude youthful energy, which quickly gets young participants excited about ziplining — even if they initially feel nervous.

Our favorite zipline tours offered at CLIMB Works include the following:

Mountaintop Tour
If you love the idea of ziplining alongside a loved one, you’re the perfect candidate for the CLIMB Works Mountaintop Tour, which offers a unique side-by-side adventure you won’t find just anywhere. This makes it the perfect option for couples on the hunt for a unique and decidedly memorable date in the heart of the Smokies.

Although accessible to beginners, this tour verges on the intermediate level, with the average zipline spanning 1,000 feet. Be prepared to climb, as the tour incorporates three staircases. Along the way, you’ll learn all about the history of the Smoky Mountains.

Treetop Tour
A great option for ziplining beginners, this easygoing tour spans a full 5,100 feet over the course of nine separate ziplines. This tour’s average zipline covers 600 feet, with the longest reaching 900 feet — just enough to provide an extended view, but not so long as to terrify beginners. As with the Mountaintop Tour, this expedition also provides background education, with the focus shifting to the biology of the Smokies.

Both the Treetop and the Mountaintop Tour include ATV adventures that provide yet another beautiful perspective of the natural Smoky Mountain scenery. Additionally, both tours offer the opportunity to rappel. Either tour will provide the lovely views and heart-racing fun that visitors expect; ultimately, it all comes down to personal preferences and comfort. When in doubt, feel free to ask the company’s helpful staff members for recommendations.

Insider Tips:
– While the minimum requirements at CLIMB Works are technically 7 years of age and 70 pounds, 7-year-olds under the required weight may be allowed to participate if they ride tandem with a guide or a lightweight sibling.
– Proper footwear is essential. You will be turned away if you arrive wearing Chacos or FiveFingers.
– Make a point of visiting the restroom immediately prior to your tour — even if you don’t initially need it. For some visitors, the ensuing two hours without restroom opportunities can feel long and uncomfortable, particularly when striving to stay hydrated on humid days.
– Feel free to bring your GoPro, which the guides will be happy to help you hook up prior to your zipline adventure.