Glades Soda Fountain

Glades Soda Fountain: An Authentic Soda Fountain Experience in Gatlinburg
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Return to a simpler time while relaxing at the counter in Gatlinburg's Glades Soda Fountain. From root beer floats to hot dogs, the tiny shop serves a variety of treats that are bound to satisfy. Take in the friendly atmosphere and the vintage decor as you enjoy a slice of the past.

- The Local Expert Team

An integral part of Gatlinburg’s Morning Mist Village, Glades Soda Fountain provides the ultimate blast from the past.

The quaint destination delivers both locals and vacationers to a simpler time, when root beer floats featured real root beer and banana splits included real whipped cream. At Glades, a variety of traditional desserts are crafted from authentic recipes. Favorites include floats, sodas, phosphates, and sundaes.

The fun doesn’t have to end with dessert. If you’re craving a snack but not in the mood for sweets, you can always order nachos or a hot dog. If you’re hoping for a sizable meal, you’d best stop elsewhere. However, Glades is perfect for a quick snack or a post-lunch treat.

Space is limited at Glades, but the small interior grants the soda fountain a more intimate, authentic feel. Sidle up to one of the stools at the counter and take a closer look at the extensive menu. As you order, you’re encouraged to chat up the soda jerk, who will prepare your favorite dessert before your very eyes. The soda jerks at Glades treat dessert making as an art, rather than just another job. Their passion is evident the moment you enter the soda fountain.

If you don’t feel like sitting at the counter while you enjoy your dessert, you can relax at one of the small tables just outside of the shop. Outdoor seating is popular during the summer, when it’s fun to sit back and take in the friendly vibe of Morning Mist Village.

Unique touches set Glades apart from other soda fountains in Tennessee. For example, corks depicting the heads of old men in sombreros top the soda syrup bottles. The soda fountain also features several antique Coca Cola signs and other vintage decor you’ll enjoy viewing as you down your root beer float or ice cream sundae.

A few of our favorite menu items include:

Root Beer Float
Simple, yet satisfying, this Glades Soda Fountain staple is always refreshing on a hot summer day. The authentic recipe features real root beer — not the subpar version you’ve grown accustomed to over the years.
Vanilla Malt
Glades serves a variety of excellent malts, but the vanilla version is one of the most delicious. Creamy and delightful, this old-fashioned malt is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Chocolate lovers favor the shop’s chocolate malt, which is also an excellent choice. However, some vanilla enthusiasts claim that chocolate masks the malt flavor.
Black and White
Struggling to choose between chocolate and vanilla? Glades’ black and white soda grants you the best of both worlds. The chocolate soda includes delicious vanilla ice cream.
Banana Split
Get ready for a banana split like you’ve never tasted. Glades’ version features a fresh banana and real whipped cream.

If you value ambience and authentic recipes, you’ll instantly fall in love with the old-fashioned desserts at Glades Soda Fountain. Stop by with loved ones to recreate a classic 1950s soda fountain experience.

Insider Tips:
-Be prepared for a wait if you visit on a hot summer day. With just one soda jerk on duty at most times, it can take a while to prepare delicious desserts exactly to your liking.
-Not sure what to order? If it’s not too busy, ask the soda jerk on duty for advice. You’ll receive the perfect recommendation based on your dessert preferences.
-Portion sizes are generous at Glades. If you’re not hungry or trying to diet, consider splitting your soda or sundae with a friend. If you order ice cream, stick with the smallest size available.