Burg Steakhouse

Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Burg Steakhouse is an upscale steakhouse that offers unlimited salad and a hot bar with the entree. 

- The SmokyMountains.com Local Expert Team

The Burg Steakhouse is the brainchild of the Stanga twins. These Italian-Cajun French brothers had the vision to create a top-notch steakhouse in Gatlinburg that was family-friendly yet had a sophisticated atmosphere. Burg Steakhouse is on the main strip but is not ground-level, so look for the stairs. The bar has a tin ceiling in true New Orleans style, while white linens cover the dining room tables. But don’t let the decor intimidate you into thinking you need to wear formal attire. Casual dress is popular amongst patrons.

What sets this steakhouse apart from the others is its menu, specifically the pricing. Main entrees are all the same price and, at first glance, create “sticker shock.” Before you brush off the Burg Steakhouse as overpriced, you need to factor in some features that come with that hefty price tag. The amount charged includes unlimited trips to the salad bar and the hot sides bar. Entrees include prime rid, rib eye, NY strip, porterhouse, T-bone, filet mignon, half chicken, grilled salmon, steamed crab legs, and bone-in pork chop.  If you are the type of steak-lover who needs some sauces, you can get Burg steak butter, demi-glaze, melted gorgonzola, and steak oscar for a nominal charge.

The salad bar features several choices of greens and row upon row of toppings like grapes, cherry tomatoes, diced ham, and shredded carrots, to name a few. The hot bar features hash brown casserole, baked potato, burgundy glazed mushrooms, smoked gouda mac and cheese, creole corn, green beans, and baked cinnamon apples.

Burg Steakhouse offers a children’s menu with everything being one price but half as much as the adult’s entrees. Options include kid’s steak, popcorn shrimp, chicken tenders, and chicken Alfredo.

The lunch menu has many tasty options and is priced competitively for the area. Unlike the dinner menu, the lunch price doesn’t include the salad or hot bar. You can add these for an additional cost.

If you have a vegan or vegetarian in your group, they will find that the hot bar and salad bar is a perfect choice.

The Burg Steakhouse opened in the fall of 2020, and reviews are mixed. Some customers rave about the tenderness of the meats and how delicious they tasted. Others compared the cuts of meat to those purchased at a large discount store. Another bone of contention was the salad and hot bar. Some diners loved the variety and the taste of both while others claimed the food was bland and typical of buffet-style restaurants. Despite the mixed reviews, we still think the Burg Steakhouse is worth investigating.

Here are some menu items to try on your own:

Prime Rib
Your mouth will water when you eye this 14 oz. roast. It is slow-roasted then served “how-you-like-it” along with the aus-jus sauce.

Filet Mignon
This 9 oz. filet will be so tender it will melt in your mouth.

Appalachian Blackberry Ribs
Burg Steakhouse takes barbecue to another level with this lunch entree. A homemade blackberry BBQ sauce covers the ribs to give it that sweet tartness that will complement the pork. French fries come as a side item.

Although reviews vary, we think the Burg Steakhouse is worth looking into, especially if you want a more upscale eatery. They offer a wide selection of entrees that will please any palate.

Insider Tip:
Although located on the main strip of Gatlinburg, it can be tricky to find. It sits above ground level so look for the stairs.