Feast Your Eyes at the Top Restaurants with a View in Gatlinburg, TN

Dining in Gatlinburg can be an amazing experience, complete with friendly vibes and delicious meals. There are plenty of options for every type of dining experience, ranging from quick, casual bites to decidedly upscale aesthetics.

When you really want your restaurant visit to feel memorable, you’ll choose a local spot known not only for its excellent menu but also, for its exceptional scenery. Both qualities are available at several Gatlinburg favorites, which we’ve highlighted in detail below.

Cliff Top Restaurant

Where better to enjoy a meal than from the stunning vantage point of the iconic Anakeesta? Yes, there is a journey involved: you’ll need to take the chairlift (known as the Chondola) or take a truck ride to the top — but for many, this is a central part of the experience. While simply taking the ride and visiting the restaurant should be plenty to keep you entertained, your meal will be even better if it caps off a busy day of zip lining and other adventures.

Once you arrive, you will be in awe of the views from your table. Wildlife is often visible from this restaurant, which, despite the busy atmosphere of Anakeesta in general, often feels surprisingly peaceful. Feast on smokehouse wings, sea scallops, or even filet mignon as you take in the mountain scenery. There is also a small children’s menu for Cliff Top Cubs, featuring typical favorites such as chicken fingers and grilled cheese — making this a great mountain spot for the entire family.

Crystelle Creek Restaurant

Situated along the charming Dudley Creek, this rustic chic spot feels downright magical. The creek amplifies what would already prove a delightful atmosphere, which is further elevated by the restaurant’s decidedly unique roof. This has been purposefully designed to give the impression of a rainy day — or it may even make you feel as if you’re seated alongside a waterfall. The sound of the rain (plus the view of the creek) delivers a feast for all the senses, completed, of course, by tender steaks, slow-smoked ribs, and hearty burgers.

When you aren’t focused on the sound of the water falling, you’ll want to take a moment to gaze at the creek and the large tree, which looks even better when the sun goes down and its twinkling lights come alive. During the day, flowers and birds are visible, with vast windows ensuring that the views inside are just as impressive as those seen from the unique vantage point of the patio.

Howard’s Restaurant

As Gatlinburg’s oldest restaurant and most iconic steakhouse, Howard’s has a strong reputation in the Smoky Mountains and beyond. This is a must-visit when you want to treat yourself to a decidedly sophisticated dining experience. It’s perfectly situated right on the beautiful Le Conte Creek and, despite being in the center of town (and right on the Parkway) it feels quite serene. This calming atmosphere is especially evident on the patio, although indoor seating can also be wonderful if you’re right by the window.

The view is amazing but the steak is definitely the main attraction. Perfectly seasoned and seared, it will ensure that you leave pleased, no matter where you are seated. Capture these treasured memories with help from the restaurant’s professional photographers, who make the most of the scenery but are also sure to reveal the happy expressions of you and your loved ones as you enjoy an iconic Gatlinburg experience.

The Greenbrier Restaurant

Even without the spectacular view, the rustic, log-cabin vibes for The Greenbrier Restaurant would make this quaint (yet surprisingly sophisticated) outpost worth visiting. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy your meal accompanied by peaceful and decidedly lush mountain scenery. The restaurant is tucked into the hillside, which grants it a serene and even exclusive appeal.

Don’t let the view stop you from enjoying the amazing cuisine. You’ll love browsing the various menus, which offer a vast selection of small plates, entrees, drinks, and even cigars to enjoy by the fireplace. The bone-in ribeye and salmon are especially impressive but will take a definite step up when amplified by the restaurant’s signature scenery.

Crawdaddy’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar

While many of the restaurants on this list bring natural scenery to the forefront, there’s something equally appealing about enjoying a view from the center of town. This is what you’ll find at Crawdaddy’s Restaurant, which is distinct in that it celebrates the hustle and bustle of downtown Gatlinburg. Right across from the SkyLift, this Parkway staple offers a great view from its patio, where people-watching opportunities abound. Beyond this, however, you can also see the mountains as they rise above this busy, yet charming tourist hub.

The view is amplified by the Cajun meals, which bring New Orleans vibes to the heart of Gatlinburg. There is also a great children’s, menu which, in addition to the always entertaining views of the SkyLift, make this a uniquely enjoyable sport for families who aren’t willing to compromise on excellent scenery. Don’t let the stairs intimidate you or your loved ones; the view ensures that these are absolutely worth the climb.

Treat Yourself to a Meal With a View

green railing with mountain views

The Smoky Mountains are undeniably beautiful, so you should seek as many opportunities as possible to view them during your visit to Gatlinburg. The restaurants on this list certainly won’t disappoint, as they capture the welcoming atmosphere and natural beauty that make Gatlinburg such a treasured destination. Indulge in a multi-sensory experience at one of the region’s finest restaurants and you will no doubt gain a greater appreciation for this remarkable vacation spot.