Center 45 – Climbing and Fitness

Creating Safe and Strong Climbers at Center 45 Climbing and Fitness
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4.5 / 5
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As the hub of the climbing community in Boone, NC, Center 45 Climbing and Fitness offers residents and guests alike a chance to experience the fun of rock climbing or bouldering in a safe, controlled environment. The facility also features some fitness equipment and offers training to help climbers elevate their game, quite literally. The mission is to create safe and strong climbers who are ready to tackle anything. 

- The Local Expert Team

Offering visitors 2000 square feet of indoor climbing terrain, Center 45 Climbing and Fitness in Boone, NC, provides a great way to have some fun and get in shape. Here, at this indoor facility, you can try out the act of bouldering or rock climbing in a safe, yet still challenging environment. Bouldering is a type of climbing that is typically ropeless and done on either a wall or rock formation measuring less than 20 ft.

You can really step it up in this controlled environment with walls ranging up to 45 feet with a 14 ft apex, offering varied terrain to enjoy. Each week, the creative and talented route setters at Center 45 design exciting new challenging climbs. That means that weekly, you can visit and enjoy a new challenge.

In addition to the climbing walls, the Center 45 facility also offers general fitness opportunities and weight lifting along with climbing-specific fitness training to help you perfect the skill of climbing. The fitness area features a stationary bike, free weights, bench press, jump rope, core exercise spaces, medicine balls, and more. The climbing training area includes a moon board, pinch ball wall, campus rung, and power ball.

At Center 45 Climbing and Fitness, you can opt for a day pass that will give you access to the facility for the day. If you prefer, though, you can instead purchase a membership for the family or for an adult. Payment choices include annual or monthly options. The facility also has rentals including climbing shoes, climbing chalk, and a combo pack of shoes and chalk for guests who might not have their own climbing gear just yet.

Training via teams is also offered at Center 45 with various options including a youth team for those aged seven and up. This crew meets every Thursday and includes specific instructions on climbing techniques. Another option is Comp Team. This group is for experienced climbers who want to improve their skills and compete with others. This team meets every Monday and Thursday night at the facility. During this time, coaches help perfect climbing skills. All team members are expected to attend USA Climbing competitions.

In addition to the indoor facility, which is a great way to stay in shape and perfect your skill as a climber, there are also some outdoor blocks that you can try in the Boone area that are recommended by the crew at Center 45. These include Grandmother Mountain, the most renowned bouldering area in the entire Boone region. This is a popular and historic destination with a variety of boulders sized to suit any climber level. The approach to the area is easy to moderate depending on how you come in. There is also the Lost Cove nearby, which is a smaller boulder. It is a favorite wintertime destination in Boone. The Cove approach is easy and downhill going in and short and steep coming out.

The overall mission of Center 45 Climbing and Fitness is to serve as a fitness hub and indoor climbing facility for all of Boone. It also proudly serves as High Country’s climbing community hub where climbers can come to climb and train. In addition, although there isn’t a great deal of information as far as boulder field guidebooks for the area, Center 45 proudly offers a study area that is full of maps, training references, Southeastern guidebooks, and more, so all climbers who have trained at the center can try out their skills on Boone’s blocks.

Insider Tips:
-All drop-in climbers or those who sign up for training are required to sign a waiver in the form of a participant agreement. If under the age of 18, this document must be signed by a parent or guardian.
-There is a day pass discount for K-12 educators, first responders, and veterans.
-You can subscribe to the Center 45 mailing list to stay informed on any upcoming specials or events.